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Welcome to Aeon Rivals, a free 2D side-scroller MMO for Windows and Mac. Team up with friends, select from an expanding cast of characters and duke it out against invading Celestian monsters. You’ll have to stay on guard if you want to take these beasts down!

Celestians are invading Earth2, the home planet of many innocent lifeforms. As a member of the Aeon Rivals, your job is to stop the destruction of Earth2 before the damages become irreparable.

While Aeon Rivals is a 100% free 2D MMO, we have a strong stance against pay-to-win schemes. All our extra features offered will never give players unfair gameplay advantages. Our goal is to keep the playing field as level as possible so it stays skill-based and enjoyable for everyone.

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Update [2.2.1]


Happy Halloween! This update adds a costume pack and includes some minor changes.

Halloween 2018

Celebrate Halloween ’18 with the new Halloween 2018 pack. This Flavor will cause slimy creatures known as Plasmo to haunt your Character, swirling about and tagging along. The harder these creatures laugh, the more transparent they become.

Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Halloween 2018 Costume Pack.
  • Chocolate Pumpkin consumable item.
  • Aeon Sign screen update call issue.
  • Flavor refresh order changed to prevent spawning in the wrong spot.
  • Seasonal updates to Victory Cafe menu.
  • Acolyte Beast egg graphic improvements.
  • X-Bulletin re-positioning.
Character Changes
  • N/A
Enemy Changes
  • N/A


Update [2.2.0]


This update includes a brand new vendor and general quality-of-life improvements!

Telepathic Plant Salesman

There’s a new plant in town and it’s ready to sell. The Telepathic Plant Salesman, or TPS for short, collects and sells common and rare items alike. The common items TPS sells are almost always the same, so it’s a good place to stock up on things you often need. The stock of rare items TPS offers, however, changes hourly. Check back often to see what TPS is selling!

Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

Enjoy Aeon Rivals? Join Club Aeon! You'll get lots of cool stuff and directly support game development.


General Changes
  • Telepathic Plant Salesman has opened shop.
  • Aeon Sign may become unresponsive after failing to receive secret reward.
  • Item Bag desync/resync improvements.
  • Aeon Sign refreshes itself immediately after secret reward expires.
  • FPS limiter now drops in multiples of ten.
  • Minor improvements to 2.1.1 slope collision changes.
  • Flavor text changes.
Character Changes
  • KeRobo’s「Cactus Missile」no longer instantly fails if activated on the very far left side of an Area.
Enemy Changes
  • General AI improvements for Beasts.


Update [2.1.1]


This update includes new gameplay features from some Characters, player bonuses and other UX improvements.

Dynamic Slopes

These are a new type of floor slope that allow a player to enter from one side but not the other. The falling cactus in the Lost Desert has been converted to this type of slope to improve battle flow.

Old slopes could trap players and cause a world of hurt.


The dynamic slope version allows for players to use it as a ramp from one side without getting trapped from the other side.

These new slopes not only open up attack options but also makes life easier for Characters with poor jumping abilities, such as Luck Monkey. Try to see how you can use this new type of slope to your advantage!

Steamlined Dream Forge

When using the Forge, the fusion window will reopen after fusing two items. If the combination items still exist after fusion, they will remain in the queue ready for consecutive fusions. These two changes greatly increase the speed and ease of using the Dream Forge.

Active Player Bonus

This new feature rewards online players with +1 Token every 10 minutes. The longer you’re logged in, the more Tokens you’ll reap!

Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Active Player Bonus rewards online players with Tokens. (Thanks, Crinkem!)
  • Dynamic slopes improve battle flow.
  • Dream Forge is faster and easier to use.
  • Refactored how collidable objects interact with edges of Area boundaries. This fixes the screen edge in South Island and future proofs boundary issues. Please report any bugs you may find in the forums.
  • Increased Aeon Sign’s secret reward frequency.
  • Small performance improvements.
  • Changed some informational text.
Character Changes
  • KeRobo
    • Effect layering improvements for remote players.
    • Wandering Cactus is generally better at finding its mark.
  • Luck Monkey
    • 「Free Smilies」Style gain per hit increased 150%.
    • 「Network Transfer」cooldown time reduced 22%, grants instant invincibility during startup in addition to post-warp invincibility.
Celestian Changes
  • Dipsy4000 subspecies “peck” attack guard damaged reduced.


Update [2.1.0]


This release features a new Area, gameplay updates and welcome sign for Aeon, along with other new content!

South Island

A new gem has been unearthed in the distant Area known as South Island. They need help defending against an influx of Dipsy4000s.

Gameplay Changes

Characters have been training hard! The base acceleration for most Characters has been greatly increased, giving them much snappier movement options. Champ, Luck Monkey, Gloobin and Doragon received the most notable acceleration changes.

Guard Glide – Movement options while guarding have also been improved with the Guard Glide. Holding a directional key while a guard is active will reduce ground drag, allowing Characters to slide slightly further than normal. The direction moved while blocking a hit can also be influenced by directional keys during both Normal and Perfect Guard.

Aeon Sign

This sign welcomes all to Aeon, displaying current information on its built-in display. The display showcases new features, events, costume packs and will sometimes a show special screen that allows users to earn a rare item by clicking the sign screen. Vigilant users can use this feature to earn hard to find items!


Badge ranks have been refactored and are easier to understand. Different metals are now used to determine badge rank. The metal denotes the rank of the badge, with a total of 10 ranks.

Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

Enjoy Aeon Rivals? Join Club Aeon! You'll get lots of cool stuff and directly support game development.


General Changes
  • South Island Area gem discovered.
  • Aeon Sign – a welcome sign for Aeon with a screen that displays in-game features, events, and sometimes even gives rewards.
  • Badge ranks have been refactored and are easier to understand. Metals are used to determine badge rank.
  • Some stage objects can intercept item dragging.
  • Guard Glide – Characters can influence forward momentum if holding a direction while starting to guard or holding guard, slightly reducing ground drag.
  • Normal Guard can now used to influence movement direction.
  • Netcode for movement is smoother and more accurate.
  • Netcode attack sync is more accurate.
  • Sliding mechanic used by attacks has been reworked to allow greater changes in velocity.
  • Portion of slope collision check optimized (3x faster).
  • Portion of velocity calculation optimized.
  • Dark Zone opening frequency increased.
  • Aeon object and NPC repositioning.
  • The “!” character can be used to execute a command (i.e. !help)
  • UI adjustments.
  • Graphics renderer cleanup.
  • Cleaned up a few unused variables.
Character Changes
  • Champ’s acceleration speed increased +183%.
  • Luck Monkey’s acceleration speed increased +133%
  • Doragon’s acceleration speed increased +147%
  • KeRobo’s max speed increased +7%
  • Gloobin
    • Balloon Bomber – aerial variant of Bubble Bomber. Provides mobility and slows descent for better movement options, but vulnerable to Clash.
    • Gloobin’s acceleration speed increased +230%
    • Natural Gift Fizzy Body includes additional reduced knockback effect.
Celestian Changes
  • Dipsy4000
    • Bombs have self-righting properties and will teeter down slopes.
    • Bombs no longer explode after too many bounces.
    • Bomb graphic updated.


Top Players (August 2018)

🎊Congrats to Slycat for earning 211 points for the month of August. GG!🎊

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