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Welcome to Aeon Rivals, a free 2D side-scroller MMO for Windows and Mac. Team up with friends, select from an expanding cast of characters and duke it out against invading Celestian monsters. You’ll have to stay on guard if you want to take these beasts down!

Celestians are invading Earth2, the home planet of many innocent lifeforms. As a member of the Aeon Rivals, your job is to stop the destruction of Earth2 before the damages become irreparable.

While Aeon Rivals is a 100% free 2D MMO, we have a strong stance against pay-to-win schemes. All our extra features offered will never give players unfair gameplay advantages. Our goal is to keep the playing field as level as possible so it stays skill-based and enjoyable for everyone.

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Join Club Aeon, which also helps support PRIZZA, the game creator who has been developing this game for years on his own.

Feel free to stop by Discord for the chance to discuss the game with PRIZZA and other Aeon Guild members.


Top Players (December 2018)

🎊A massive congrats to resident SRad for earning 1st with a score of 208 VP. 🎊

# Name Victory Points
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New Year’s 2019

Happy New Year’s, everyone! We hope to have a very productive year and are excited to show you what’s been cooking.

All month long Club Aeon memberships are 25% off when you use the code 25OFF when signing up.

Thank you all for your continued support.


Update [2.2.3]


A little update before the weekend that patches out slope issues in the Dark Zone and an issue with one of Luck Monkey’s abilities. This patch also provides a few other little modifications and an improvement to Müja.

Check here for the last set of major changes. Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

Enjoy Aeon Rivals? Join Club Aeon! You'll get lots of cool stuff and directly support game development.


General Changes
  • Slope collision issue in Dark Zone.
  • Celestians now have greater wiggle room for lag correction, helping to prevent teleporting.
  • Victory Café menu updated.
Character Changes
  • Luck Monkey’s「Network Transfer」may wedge into specific slopes and cause freeze.
  • Müja’s「Alchemy: Flame」and「Alchemy: Shock」give an additional +1 Style.
Celestian Changes
  • [N/A]


Top Players (November 2018)

🎊galvahad earned 8 points last month, earning them 1st overall. Congrats!🎊

# Name Victory Points
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