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Welcome to Aeon Rivals, a free 2D side-scroller MMO for Windows and Mac. Team up with friends, select from an expanding cast of characters and duke it out against invading Celestian monsters. You’ll have to stay on guard if you want to take these beasts down!

Celestians are invading Earth2, the home planet of many innocent lifeforms. As a member of the Aeon Rivals, your job is to stop the destruction of Earth2 before the damages become irreparable.

While Aeon Rivals is a 100% free 2D MMO, we have a strong stance against pay-to-win schemes. All our extra features offered will never give players unfair gameplay advantages. Our goal is to keep the playing field as level as possible so it stays skill-based and enjoyable for everyone.

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Pink Swarm

Pink Swarm

Behold the Pink Bon.

These Beasts are known to flock to Areas and push out native Beast species, also attacking local residents. Pink Bons idolize Celestians and tend to follow them everywhere. This can make battling Celestians more difficult!

The city of Aeon has a quota for how many Pink Bons must be fought to help return things to normal. Help push Pink Bons out and restore balance to the Areas they’ve invaded.


Update [1.8.5]



Made some big changes to the current event and introduced yet another. I also included some important bug fixes!

Pink Swarm

The Pink Bons are back! It’s your task to help eradicate these Beasts from the Dark Sea. Read more »

Secret Crush

Active players might receive some special “fan mail” when logging in.
More info coming soon »

Check the changelog below for a list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Secret Crush event.
  • Delicious truffles.
  • Celestians can sometimes spawn too low and clip into the ground. (Thanks Slycat, LunaDarimillion)
  • Acolyte Beasts hit all enemies they pass even when not attacking.
  • Virtual keys can prevent clicking on objects even when not visible.
  • Some remote user data not recycled.
  • Attack effects don’t properly overlap Beasts.
  • Incorrect sound effects play for some café items.
  • Incorrect badge rank text displayed for Guest users.
  • 1 year old bug causing random “null value” errors.
  • Love Letter item now gives random rewards.
  • Love Letter contains a variety of unique messages.
  • X-Bulletin reward pool changed.
  • Energy Tonic A1 can be used in place of Energy Tonics at the Dream Forge.
  • Acolyte Beasts that attack would try to attack but deal 0 damage – they will no longer attempt to attack if hungry.
  • More remote user objects have been moved to non-collision group to improve performance.
  • Improvements to how the server checks special Event quests. Creating Events will be easier now.
  • Set specific debug code not to run on release build.
  • Prevent sending chat messages while room is transitioning.
  • Minor texture tweaks to fix potential issues.
  • Improved server error detection.
  • Minor code clean-up.
  • Sound volume balancing.
  • Minor text changes.
Character Changes
  • Layering issue with Network Transfer (3rd attack rename).
  • KeRobo’s「Prickly Arm」
    • Cactus can despawn under when having previously touched a slope.
    • Cactus can’t get over slopes when traveling to a certain height (Thanks SRad).
    • Cactus spines don’t disppear when enemy dies.
    • Cactus legs 1px too high from ground.
    • Cactus is now a bit better at hitting the target.
  • Health bar more accurately displays current health.
  • Müja’s blue fireball now gives +1 Style on hit.
Celestian Changes
  • Bon and Pink Bons damage reduced (30 -> 20).
  • Attacks that quickly drain Character health deal damage slower (0.5s -> 0.6s)
Known Issues
  • Some effects still need to be updated to the new layering system.

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Top Players (January 2018)

🎉Shoutouts to Jahendrix for earning 1st place this month, scoring a whopping 1,288 points. Incredible!🎉

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Top Players (December 2017)

🎉Hats off to LunaDairmillion for earning 1st place this month with a staggering 872 points. Excellent work!🎉

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