Aeon Rivals — Free-to-Play 2D MMO!

Welcome to Aeon Rivals, a free 2D side-scroller MMO for Windows and Mac. Team up with friends, select from an expanding cast of characters and duke it out against invading Celestian monsters. You’ll have to stay on guard if you want to take these beasts down!

Celestians are invading Earth2, the home planet of many innocent lifeforms. As a member of the Aeon Guild, your job is to stop the destruction of Earth2 before the damages become irreparable!

While Aeon Rivals is a 100% free 2D MMO, we have a strong stance against pay-to-win schemes. All our extra features offered will never give players unfair gameplay advantages. Our goal is to keep the playing field as level as possible so it stays competitive and enjoyable for everyone.

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Feel free to stop by Discord for the chance to discuss the game with PRIZZA and other Aeon Guild members.


Update [1.4.1]

Halloween is upon us. Aeon Rivals 1.4.1 is ready to go!

Happy Halloween! This new update includes the Halloween 2016 Pack, which adds five new Flavors. I’ve also made a few fixes and balance adjustments. Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

Enjoy Aeon Rivals? Please consider buying a Club Aeon membership – it directly supports the development and survival of this game.


General Changes
  • Halloween 2016 Flavor Pack.
  • Camera adjustments for spawn locations.
  • Guard effect and particle effect spawn position for some Characters.
  • Bubble Tea health glitch.
  • Increased chances to get a Hallow Ticket on high difficulties. (Cruel = 2%, Extreme = 5%)
  • Victory Café “Coffee Milk” defense buff decreased (20->10) since it can stack with Acolyte Beast defense boosts.
  • Victory Café “Bubble Tea (Honeydew)” Health up increase now that Element Extract is harder to obtain.
  • Minor code optimizations.
Character Changes
  • Halloween Flavors for Luck Monkey, Doragon, Gloobin, Muja and KeRobo.
  • Müja – Increased movement speed and small change to traction.
Celestian Changes
  • N/A

Download  1.4.1

Halloween 2016 Pack

It’s that time of year again! Check out the new Halloween 2016 Pack!

The Halloween 2016 Pack adds five unique Halloween costumes to choose from!

Click the “Compatibility” section below for a list of all compatible Characters.

This pack is compatible with the following Characters:

  • Luck Monkey
  • Doragon
  • Müja
  • Gloobin
  • KeRobo

Once purchased, the costume may be worn by typing the following in the Chat Input:

/flavor hallow2016

For more information on how Flavors work, please click here.

Q: What is a Costume Pack?
A: Costume Packs are content bundles that allow characters to wear special costumes, clothing or other adornments. Each Costume Pack has its own unique content.

Q: I purchased a Costume Pack. When will it be activated?
A: Your Costume Pack is active immediately after purchase. Please note that you will need to log out of any active game sessions to apply the changes.

Q: Do Costume Packs expire after purchase?
A: Nope! Once you’ve bought the pack it’s yours forever.

The price of this Costume Pack is $3.99.
This pack is free for all Club Aeon and Club Aeon Lite members.

Purchase this Pack ($3.99) Choose a Membership Level


Update [1.4.0]

GP Mode

I’ve REALLY kicked up the 4d3d3d3 with this next release. I’ve finally finished what’s been over a year of hard work: a GPU renderer! The game now renders all graphics with the GPU instead of CPU by default, meaning many users should see improvements in graphic effects and game performance. The new mode has been titled GP Mode, short for “Grafx Processing”. On top of that, there’s now beautiful new effects for shielding and attack hits.

There were a LOT of hurdles working on this, such as blurry sprites, graphic artifacts, jittery camera and player movement, fullscreen incompatibility, and others. It really felt impossible at times, but now it’s finally ready to go!

If you experience any issues with GP Mode (including graphical oddities), let me know on the forums or in Discord. Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

Enjoy Aeon Rivals? Please consider buying a Club Aeon membership – it directly supports the development and survival of this game.


General Changes
  • GP Mode! All graphics now render with the GPU, which means performance boosts, smoother movement and prettier scaling/rotation.
  • Improved attack hitspark graphics, with varying strength.
  • Guard hitspark graphics and display styles + sound effects.
  • Wrote code from scratch for “loopable” objects, like the clouds in Dark Sea. This code fixed scrolling in GP Mode and is also much more efficient.
  • Button displacement on some menus in GP Mode.
  • Element Extract
    • Requires 130+ damage to knock an Element Extract from a Celestian.
    • Base chance of dropping Extract is now 20%.
  • Perfect Donut buff altered: Attracts extract to player and grants +10% Extract drop chance.
  • Less Hyper Frames when dropping guard.
  • Slightly raised odds of obtaining a Hallow Ticket after difficult battles.
  • Hit sound effect adjustments.
  • Adjusted Pandal and Damascus info text.
  • Camera item is not working with GP Mode, so it’s been temporarily disabled.
  • Small performance improvements.
Character Changes
  • Müja’s Alchemy: Shock effect cancels when hit and checks for null values.
  • KeRobo’s Aerial Cactus Missile has hit pause on contact.
Celestian Changes
  • N/A

Download  1.4.0

Update [1.3.1]

Happy October! Aeon Rivals 1.3.1 is now live!

A new Halloween event is now active for all of October. We’ve also have new “hit” sounds effects for attacks! Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

Enjoy Aeon Rivals? Please consider buying a Club Aeon membership – it directly supports the development and survival of this game.


General Changes
  • Halloween 2016 event! Collect Hallow Tickets and exchange them for a gift.
  • Improved sound effects + variable attack sound system. Hitting an enemy will sound different based on the type of attack.
  • “Dread” Mental State.
  • Daily reward message sometimes reports incorrect reward.
  • Incorrect battle reward items sometimes sent from server.
  • InfoBot’s tooltip display issues.
  • Users will receive a chat message after battle if their Item Bag is full.
  • Sound effect cancelation system.
  • Sound effect volume balancing.
  • Sound effect performance improvements.
  • Intensity line effect when using a special that darkens screen.
  • Acolyte Beast movement animation improvements.
  • Chun dialogue adjustments.
  • Small performance improvements.
Character Changes
  • KeRobo’s Seed Gatling bullet velocity increased and firing rate improved.
  • Kerobo’s Prickly Arm
    • Cactus punch damage increased (500 -> 600).
    • Passive spines damage increased (10 -> 20).
Celestian Changes
  • N/A

Download  1.3.1

Update [1.3.0]

Aeon Rivals 1.3.0 is ready to go!

We’re proud to introduce the new Acolyte Beast system! Players can find and hatch eggs that will yield friendly, trainable pets known as Acolyte Beasts. Acolytes have unique effects and abilities, so find one that best compliments the Character you like to play. Click the changelog below for more info.

Enjoy Aeon Rivals? Please consider buying a Club Aeon membership – it directly supports the development and survival of this game.


General Changes
  • Acolyte Beast pet system – Hatch Acolyte Beasts from special eggs that aid you in battle.
  • Null player issues when a Celestian is chasing a player that has been destroyed.
  • Server vulnerability that allows players to send invalid attack data.
  • Poison effect can collide with attacks, causing occasional freezing.
  • Battle victory flag not set server side, allowing victory anomalies.
  • Shield damage
    • Extreme difficulty Celestians deal 1.2x modifier for shield damage while the other difficulties all deal 1x. This greatly reduces the shield damage dealt by higher difficulty Celestians.
    • All Beasts deal 0.8x shield damage.
  • Dark Sea map has been modified on the far right side to maintain Character neutrality and disallow Celestian warping.
  • Gachapon updated to rarely dispense Wake-up Emitter.
  • Daily Login Bonus occasionally gives Zato Candy.
  • Players must be somewhat close to the statue to swap Characters.
  • Screen shake effect only occurs when player is hit by a strong attack.
  • All effect sprites refresh their texture animations in GP Mode.
  • Extra check to see if Celestian has been defeated.
  • Small texture check adjustment.
  • Sound balancing.
  • Small code tweaks, optimizations and file size reduction.
Character Changes
  • Champ’s dust cloud misaligned for remote users.
    • Luck Monkey’s Lucky Download
    • Camera jitter in GP Mode.
    • Null error if active while player exists room.
  • Müja’s Alchemy: Milk bubble lasts longer (+1 sec standard, +1.2 sec Prime).
  • Müja’s Alchemy: Flame counts as a ranged attack and doesn’t shake screen.
  • Kerobo’s Seed Gatling
    • Facing direction is now forced to prevent gatling aimed in wrong direction.
    • Gatling gun code optimizations.
    • Some memory performance improvements.
Celestian Changes
  • N/A

Download  1.3.0