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Aeon Rivals Chat

I’ve started an Official Discord chat channel for Aeon Rivals players! You can check out the original forum post for more information. Once you’ve got the client you can click “Connect” below to get started. See you around!


βeta 1.9.9a

βeta 1.9.9a is ready!

The good news is that the game has had a spike in popularity. The bad news is the game was using more RAM than my hosting plan allows. I have uploaded a new version that connects to another server that should allow me to have a bit more traffic. Fingers crossed!

If you’d like to help me afford a better hosting option, please consider buying a Club Aeon membership.

Download 1.9.9a

Top Ranking Rival

Congratulations to AnotherRadom for their August 2015 1st place ranking! It wasn’t easy but you managed to pull it off. If you see them online, make sure to give them a proper hurrah!


2x Token Event

The 2x Token event has now ended. Shoutouts to everyone who played during the event. It’s been fun!


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