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News (Jun 2015)

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed an issue with attack effects occasionally failing to display for other users. I’m working on finding a fix for this ASAP. I’ve put a lot of work into version 1.8.0, so please look forward to it. Updates include an item system, major gameplay improvements and a few other surprises.

The game server will be offline for maintenance until I find solution for the attack issue. I feel the game will be much more fun after the new update. Thank you for your patience.


Sneak Peek (Feb/14)

A new major feature is coming up. Here’s a little preview of the new building in town. I wonder what purpose it serves…?



Server update

Just a quick update–A few bugs with the server have been fixed. Happy battling!


Tons of new stuff

The next release coming up has tons of new content. I haven’t publicized the game yet so the amount of other players will be quite low unfortunately, but feel free to invite a friend to play!

I’ll try to push out this next update by the middle of November. I might publicize sometime in December, or whenever I get a minimum of 5 playable characters and 5 playable bosses.


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