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βeta 1.7.2

βeta 1.7.2 is now available!

More crash fixes (hopefully), plus rearrangement of elements in The Hub so they’re more conducive to fast game flow! I happened upon a lot of bugs to squish, too.

1.7.2 Changelog

General Changes
  • Rearranged The Hub layout
  • Mobs less likely to warp due to lag
  • Fix: Altered obfuscation code to help prevent crashes
  • Fix: Host able to start game when users haven’t finished joining the room
  • Fix: Disallow “Esc” key to enable character movement before battle
  • Fix: Remote boss updating when not initialized
  • Fix: Café purchase not displaying after purchase
  • Fix: Disable clicking Victory Café when on title screen
  • Added placeholder Gateway portals
  • Some bird colors are randomly generated
Boss Specific
  • Fix: Queltod facing offset misalignment
  • Fix: Queltod stuttered movement for non-host players
  • Fix: Queltod broken case statement
  • Gechi warp property changed for remote users

Download 1.7.2

βeta 1.7.1

The last update had a bug with obfuscation that caused the game to crash when a boss would attack. I’ve fixed factored the obfuscation code so this issue will no longer arise in subsequent builds. This release includes a little balancing on a few SFX and adjustment of spawn height of bosses.

Download 1.7.1

βeta 1.7.0

βeta 1.7.0 is now available!

I’m pleased to announce that Aeon Rivals has officially entered the βeta stage of development. A few exciting new additions, including a new Enemy(!) and game feature, plus more.

1.7.0 Changelog

General Changes
  • New boss “Queltod”, an alien insect that controls a small moon
  • New Room Reservation feature – Club Aeon members may temporarily reserve rooms with password protection
  • Boss Indicator arrow appears to show you direction boss is located
  • Enemies now spawn towards the right in a randomized location
  • Guarding window slightly smaller
  • Made changes to infoBot’s text dialogue
  • “Full Gateway” check added to portals
  • Improved data sending netcode
  • Factored hit effect graphic spawn location
  • Changed some attacks property to ranged (affects screen shake)
  • Updated in-game help links
  • Fix: Extract Gauge showing when timing out on Portal Settings menu
  • Fix: Null pointer if player leaves nonexistent Gateway
  • Fix: Leave button forces logout when clicked during transition
  • Fix: Dialog box sometimes lock user input until ESC key pressed
  • Version info text added to Title screen
  • Minor performance adjustments
  • Minor dialogue text changes
Boss Specific
  • Gechi has new warping technique
  • Readjusted some quiver and stun thresholds
  • Altered Dipsy4000’s bomb interaction with slopes
  • Fix: Dodop attack selector bug
  • Further improvements to Gechi’s portal spawning correctly on higher difficulties
  • Dodop’s fast missile damage decreased (60 -> 50)
  • New sound effect for Dodop’s ground slam
  • New sounds effects for most of Gechi’s attacks

Download 1.7.0

Alpha 1.6.2

Alpha 1.6.2 is now available!

Cleaned up some design elements with the HUD, made some overall game adjustments and chat improvements, sprinkled with a couple of bug fixes. Check the changelog for details.

1.6.2 Changelog

General Changes
  • Holding jump key will now auto-jump
  • Player Score now viewable in Menu
  • Improved Slope check accuracy
  • Player’s character sprite now overlaps enemies and other players for better visibility
  • Username displays below Health and Mental State HUD
  • Username color saves with account data and sets itself when logging in
  • Game HUD and chat elements rearranged
  • Chatbox widened and accepts more text per message
  • Chat accepts “<” and “>” symbols
  • Added alternative spelling “grey” for name color change
  • Player name always displays original capitalization style
  • Fix: Bubble Tea Café buff heal effect appearing rapidly
  • Fix: Special attacks not clearing Combo meter
  • Fix: Hub’s Guard netcode not updating
  • Improved Boss “jump” animation code
Boss Specific
  • Improved Boss target AI
Character Specific
  • Luck Monkey’s「CONGRATULATIONS」ignores enemy stun resistance
  • Fix: Gloobin’s “jump” netcode

Download 1.6.2

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