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    I really think the mechanic where you discard your element extract is cool but when you get rid of all three at once it really is frustrating, i know that you can block to not pick up element extracts but that takes forever and sometimes you can accidentally get one you don’t want and have to start all over, i think that you should be able to discard only the rightmost element extract in your extract bar by throwing it out and having it drop with a slightly reduced despawn timer so it also not only lets you get rid of unwanted ones and keep ones you want, but allows you to pick it back up if you threw it out by mistake and lets you give element extracts to other teammates that need it. i think if this was put in the game it would really fix the entire mechanic and make gathering certain extracts for stronger moves much more usable


    I agree with discarding all of them being somewhat of a hassle. I like the idea of being able to give extracts to others. Actually, each player can pick up the same extract since its locally displayed so players can’t “hog” them, but players will always see the same type of extract.

    Dropping extracts one at a time could be easily viable (maybe after holding the button for ~0.8sec+?), but picking them back up might be a lot of extra coding work as the server securely generates extracts as it goes, making sure players can’t spoof it. However, I think those are pretty good ideas overall.

    I’ll add them to my idea log and implement some of the changes later since they’re somewhat hard to do. Appreciate the feedback!


    Definitely, I really feel like that would help, I find my character with the elemental extracts I don’t need way to often and the ability to discard an individual elemental extracts would be nice.


    The latest update reworks Guard+Jump to discard Element Extract one at a time. Thanks again for this input, it’s actually helping me to create another feature will will be covered at a later time. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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