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    So apparently a popular meme around my parts of the internet is bonzi buddy, a purple monkey adware that was introduced by a vinesauce streamer, i realized this and mentioned it to some people in a chat room i always go to, they all immediately became interested and they all wanted to play the game as bonzi buddy, unfortunately, they didn’t have access to that costume but i did recommend to them the next best thing, the donkey kong costume since expand dong is also pretty popular. I am pretty sure they really liked the game anyway though, i will see if i can make playing aeon rivals together a regular thing with them. Although sometime, probably around the time we try to get a vinesauce streamer to play the game, we should implement a limited time event where you can temporarily get free access to the purple luck monkey costume by typing /flavor bonzi or something, i don’t know, but its just that they seemed so excited for playing as their favorite memes, it might coax some people into purchasing the purple luck monkey outfit permanently.


    I’m glad people are making the bonzi buddy connection with that costume color. I’ll keep the limited time access idea in mind. Another options is to offer a vinesauce steamer a few free months so they could showcase all of the content to their viewers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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