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    Sometimes I find myself grinding the same Celestial Beast over and over because I feel comfortable or beat one Celestial Beast and get points faster than fighting other ones.

    I think there should be a “Celestial Beast Streak” system where beating multiple different Celestial Beasts in a row gifts you additional points/tokens.

    For example, maybe if you fight a Celestial Beast you have a 30 minute timer to defeat another different one. If you defeat another, you get +10% bonus points and tokens up to a total of +50%, but fighting the same Celestial beast twice in a row breaks it

    An alternative idea would be some sort of challenge/mode where you choose a difficulty and need to beat every Celestial Beast in a row on that difficulty, receiving bonus tokens and points upon completion,

    Either way, they would both encourage more experienced players to fight multiple different Celestial Beasts rather than grinding the same one out, and would also make for a nice teamwork experience with other players 🙂


    I agree that encouraging users to switch up which Celestials they’re fighting is a good idea. I’m also very fond of the “Boss Rush” idea where you marathon the Celestial Beasts. You’ve found a comfy spot and thought of an opportunity to provide incentive based on it, which is definitely an intelligent and insightful observation.

    I may be able to create a sort of streak system where players gain more depending on who they last fought, but I worry it may cause conflicts with some users who may have just fought a particular Celestial and don’t want to player together because of it. There may be a workaround, however.

    Thanks for yet again another set of fantastic suggestions.


    Maybe playing with other players would naturally give the same bonus while players who would rather play alone could achieve the same bonus by fighting different Celestial Beasts

    I just think it’d be cool to have incentive to fight every Celestial Beast instead of grinding out 1 when playing alone, in any way shape or form. I just usually find myself grinding Queltod because I’m the most comfortable playing him 😛

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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