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    it will be cool if you have a general lvl and you can “lvl up”by playing the game.
    this could help some players to fell that they are gaining something other than trophies.
    one good thing is that the lvl is not gonna affect the gameplay is just to simbolize how much you have progress and another good thing is that this could make players to have goals other than the medals you gain by playing, winning, buying, and getting capsules.

    Good things:
    -it could add more competivity to the game
    -it dosnt affect the playstyle
    -it resalts the time played

    bad things:
    -people is gonna complain



    I think it’s about time that I introduced an aggregate level system. As you said, it won’t be something that affects gameplay in any way. It would just give players another goal to aim for and to help give an idea of how much overall progress they’ve made in the game. To add to that, being able to see a player’s level would give other players an idea of how experienced that player is with the game.

    I’ve added this task to my to-do list and I hope to have it in the next major version.


    ¡¡That would be great!!
    I hope you can have time to do it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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