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    As of 1.4.2:

    • Inventory. As a player who is pretty OCD about inventory space, this game’s inventory system especially bothers me, but I can also definitely see the system being an inconvenience for everyone to some degree, especially very active players. Duplicate items do not stack, which bloats your inventory. Your entire inventory space cannot be accessed at once, but instead, is comprised of multiple “bags” labeled by numbers are the bottom of the inventory UI; this makes attempting to sort your inventory a nightmare. It is also an inconvenience that when you move an item to a spot that is already taken, the game puts the other item in your hand rather than swapping it to the spot of the item that you are replacing its spot with. To quickly and clearly state recommended changes to the game’s inventory UI:
    -Make duplicate items stack
    -Allow the entire inventory to be viewed all at once
    -Swap item spots when placing an item in an occupied spot
    -Perhaps an “auto sort” function.

    • Smoother hub music looping.
    As of 1.0.1:


    • Enemy Card system: a (very diminutive) chance for any enemy to drop a card/item that gives a very slight stat boost to the character you pick it up with. I envision it as a very toned down version of the enemy card systems in LaTale and Secrets of Grindea. To serve as an example, the bonus could be something as small as earning two extra VP per battle, or an extra 0.5% elemental burst chance, or perhaps a slight increase in drop chance for certain items. I think this system would give players further incentive to continue revisiting a boss, giving a sense of character progression without over-rewarding players that grind for cards.

    • More Victory Café items (?)


    • Müja:
    – Incorporation of a unique input system that allows her to cycle more freely between her alchemy augments. The fact that Müja can change her regular attack depending on the situation is really cool, but it can be a discouraging system to use because of how it works. In a situation where you want to cycle between her augments to build and/ or maintain style while doing damage, it feels unintuitive to have to cycle through Alchemy: Milk just to get back to Alchemy: Fire after using Alchemy: Lightning. This current cycling system also makes it more difficult for her to solo.

    – A slight buff to Alchemy: Lightning. I suggest a bouncing mechanic: her Alchemy: Lightning will do full damage to the first target that she hits and then bounce to 6 more targets within a certain range, doing 60 damage to the first target it bounces to, and each successive bounce decaying by 10 points of damage. No style gain for bounce hits.



    • Perhaps revise the elemental extract system? While it is well thought out and unique mechanic for dealing more damage, it oft times isn’t very feasible to pull off due to the sporadic nature of the bosses and the presence of beasts. I can personally say that in most fights, I choose not to pick up elemental extract. For characters like KeRobo and Doragon who have momentum based movement, it’s even more dangerous to try and grab the little buggers. To top that off, they both have poor style gain, so getting hit is fairly detrimental. The risk > the reward. Will revisit this with suggestions on how to revise the system.

    • This is more of a question of design than a suggestion: are the bosses meant to attack in random patterns? Making them more predictable would make it more feasible to assess the risk of going for an elemental extract, but if the bosses are meant to behave this way, then that’s that. But, in my opinion, random boss attack patterns don’t only pose a problem as far as picking up elemental extracts go; I believe they are a bit of a problem for Champ as well. I’ll explain this in much greater detail once I revisit the balance section.

    •This is one is up to PRIZZA’s discretion: the game should punish players for blocking too much by allowing one’s guard to be broken, or increase the amount of chip damage that each successive blow does up to the amount of damage it would deal if you weren’t guarding. That idea in itself creates a reward for players who make an effort to perfect guard: the reward of being able to guard much longer. While this suggestions adds technicality to guarding and makes the game more difficult, it’s a double edged sword. It almost forces players to perfect guard, and perfect guarding is difficult. Perfect guarding attacks in succession is even more difficult; perhaps even unrealistic. That layer extra layer of difficulty could turn some players off.


    •Smoother hub music looping


    • A “Dat Boi” meme color pallet for KeRobo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    This thread will be under constant revision so long as I am able to edit it. If you disagree with anything, please feel free to comment why! I understand that these suggestions possibly have a ton of things wrong with them, and I’d love to be enlightened as to what things are wrong with them. Thank you! ~~


    I agree with all of the things you said there, this game definitely needs more incentive for grinding, with just the dream forge itself i have found myself grinding for hours at a time, with even more incentive it will only get better, the dat boi skin is also genius, many of the people i invite to play this game join because of the memes, especially within the vinesauce group, which is where we might be advertising this game toward, for example, many players come because they want to play as the purple luck monkey skin because it basically lets you play as bonzi buddy, a large meme stemming from that community, as well as the dk skin for maximum dong expansion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), dat boi will add on to this, i think it is a great idea as i can tell people that they should keep playing so they can unlock kerobo so they can play as dat boi. And the element extract problem is a problem i have been thinking of for a while now, in fact, its a result of a deeper problem with the movement system in the game, as of now, there is no way to get on the other side of a boss without getting hurt, but introducing something like a roll dodge reminiscent of something you’d see on super smash brothers wouldn’t work either because it would make it too easy to dodge boss attacks and unbalance the game but higher jumps wouldnt work either because not only could the bosses move to where you are trying to land by the time you make it to the ground, jumps that high would put players like doragon in a tight spot and he would get juggled to death. but movement around bosses is definitely a problem, the only solution i could think of is making the stages have platforms and more terrain that can be used to maneuver around bosses but that might introduce more bugs from collision problems because the bosses are so big, but hey, its just an idea


    I’ve added improvements to the Item Bag to help solve your problem with it. Check out the version 1.6.0 post for more info.
    I don’t know why I ruled out the Müja suggestion you made earlier. I’m going to be working on a playstyle update for her and will be incorporating a “chain lightning” effect like the one you suggested. We can continue future convos in new threads.

    Thanks again for your suggestions!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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