The fog has rolled in again. Check out the new Halloween 2017 Pack!

The Halloween 2017 Pack adds five unique Halloween costumes to choose from!

Click the “Compatibility” section below for a list of all compatible Characters.

This pack is compatible with the following Characters:

  • Champ
  • Doragon
  • KeRobo
  • Gloobin
  • Müja

Once purchased, the costume may be worn by typing the following in the Chat Input:

/flavor hallow2017

For more information on how Flavors work, please click here.

Q: What is a Costume Pack?
A: Costume Packs are content bundles that allow characters to wear special costumes, clothing or other adornments. Each Costume Pack has its own unique content.

Q: I purchased a Costume Pack. When will it be activated?
A: Your Costume Pack is active immediately after purchase. Please note that you will need to log out of any active game sessions to apply the changes.

Q: Do Costume Packs expire after purchase?
A: Nope! Once you’ve bought the pack it’s yours forever.

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