OW Labs #4

I’ve been thinking about how to make the overall gameplay experience in Aeon Rivals more satisfying. I ultimately decided to try and rework the Style and Combo system. I’ve decided to do away with the Combo system in favor of a tying it together with Style to help both simplify game concepts and enhance battle flow.

Instead of Style slowly increasing when you alternate attacks, the Style meter will increase no matter what moves you use. Each move will also have it’s own Style increase multiplier, so many characters will be able to access their Special attacks much faster than before. As soon as the Style gauge is full, the character’s Special will be ready to use. In addition, using your Special will “Rank Up” the character’s Style level and increase their attack modifier. Each Style rank has it’s own unique color and be increased up to five times.

This new feature will be available to the public within the next week or so. If you have any questions or comments feel free to let me know on the forums on in the Discord channel. See you there!