Update [1.8.2]



A few small Flavor bugfixes in this release plus a few improvements. Oh, and don’t forget the new events!


Collect Snowdrift crystals to create a rare Acolyte Beast Egg. More info coming soon »

To: You  From: Earth2

Daily login rewards. Who knows what’s inside each Merry Gift? Read more »

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General Changes
  • Snowdrift event.
  • To: You  From: Earth2 event.
  • Pickup Item lock/unlock system to prevent invalid data.
  • Element Extract has small chance to add a blank value.
  • Some player variables broadcast unnecessarily.
  • Confirmation and warning prompt added to Leave option during a battle.
  • Acolyte Beast hunger notification system altered.
  • Element Extract pickup duration extended (5s -> 6s).
  • Minor performance improvements.
Character Changes
  • Changing Flavor to Normal has a chance to reset Y-coordinate to an invalid value.
  • Changing Flavor to Normal doesn’t reset animations before loading animation data.
  • Doragon Y-sync code adjusted for「Bite」attack.
  • Spawn positions adjusted for some Characters.
  • Removed local burst effect when resetting to Normal Flavor.
Celestian Changes
  • N/A

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Top Players (November 2017)

🎉Shoutout to nessking for earning 1st place for the month of November. Nice job!🎉

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Update [1.8.1]



Bug fixes, AI improvements and some new features are abound in this release.

Guard Shift

A new guarding technique that allows players to influence the direction they slide after guarding an attack. Normally, a Character will bounce away from the point of impact when hit in guard. With this technique, players are able to shift the inertia of the attack to push them in a more favorable direction. This is very helpful when trying to escape an enemy’s grasp while stuck in guard.

To perform this technique, hold the direction you want to slide after performing a Perfect Guard. Characters with lower traction naturally have greater slide distance. If you have trouble performing Perfect Guards, treat yourself to a Kona Mocha from the Victory Café.

Cooldown Hint

A new option in Config allows you to set a hint for when an attack is ready.

When an attack is ready to use, an eyecatching blue border will appear around the attack icon. When the attack is in cooldown, it will lose its border. This may better help you see when your attack is ready to use.

Check the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Cooldown Hint system; option added to Config menu. (Thanks, Crinkem)
  • Guard Shift advanced technique.
  • Lots of netcode rewrites, improving performance and accuracy for attacks and movement.
  • Music toggle added to Config menu.
  • Remote player’s guard effect stays active after guard break.
  • Celestians gloat can desync depending on guard and/or buff status.
  • Remote player’s Acolyte Beast hunger level desyncs after certain buffs.
  • Remote player’s buff effects can be displayed incorrectly if hit by Celestian.
  • Fullscreen checkbox sets incorrect size if active during screen resize.
  • 4x greater chance to naturally recover from Terror. (Thanks, RolyPolyAllDay)
  • Guard effect now shows for remote players.
  • Guard damage modifier adjusted.
  • Menu and Config options no longer force closes if hit by an enemy in battle.
  • Acolyte Beast graphic alignment adjustments.
  • Code cleanup and improvements.
Character Changes
  • KeRobo’s gatling gun alignment adjustments.
Celestian Changes
  • Dipsy4000 and subspecies pecking attack not properly updating host’s AI.
  • Queltod AI improved.
  • Visual cue added to Gechi’s Warp ability.

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Top Players (October 2017)

🎉Congratulations to RolyPolyAllDay for earning 1st place for the month of October.🎉

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Update [1.8.0]



This update features some heavy overhauls to Celestian AI, new cafe items and provides bug fixes and performance mods. All Queltod have learned a new attack.

Intelligent Decisions

Celestians now have brains. Prior to this update, they would mostly make random decisions on what to do. Celestians can now see their targets and make decisions based on the situation. Each Celestian species has its own fighting style, too.

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General Changes
  • ‘W’ key not functioning for opening dialogue windows. (Thanks, RolyPolyAllDay)
  • Some predictive damage values were not synched with server data.
  • Guard damage has been reduced for Beasts and Celestians of all difficulty levels.
  • Enemies are no longerable to damage you when stunned.
  • Invincibility time after hit slightly reduced.
  • Trance Mental State has been changed to Terror. Instead of blindly running to the right, player now tries to run away from the Celestian.
  • Improved math in graphic rendering for faster performance.
  • Code revisions and CPU performance improvements.
Character Changes
  • N/A
Celestian Changes
  • Celestians now have brains.
  • No more generic touch damage. Only Dōdop’s abrasive surface and Gechi’s baleful energy can deal contact damage.
  • Celestians sometimes face the wrong direction when moving.
  • Chance of misaligning enemy hitboxes after quivering multiple times.
  • Some Celestians will now bulldoze through players when chasing instead of quickly turning and swarming.
  • Normal difficulty max idle time for Celestians reduced.
  • Overall idle times reduced for easier difficulties to match touch damage changes.
  • Overall Celestian HP has been slightly raised.
  • Most Celestians have new habits they fall into.
  • New knockback properties for a few attacks with low mass.
  • All current Celestian’s are now incapable of midair turnarounds when chasing players.
  • Dipsy4000 subspecies peck attack differs from Dispy4000’s. Deals more attack damage (40 -> 50), but less guard damage (2.5 -> 1.5).
  • Dispy4000
    • Incorrectly gloats when using projectiles.
    • Max HP slightly increased.
    • Laughs more often when smacking players around on Extreme.
  • Gechi
    • Chance to inflict Terror on Extreme difficulty reduced (100% -> 50%).
    • Antibodies have very small chance to induce Terror (5%).
    • Max HP slightly reduced.
    • Baleful energy glow effect visible around itself and its antibodies.
  • Dōdop
    • Abrasive surface deals less base damage (50 -> 40) and is unaffected by poison.
    • Slow moving missiles deal less base damage (40 -> 30), won’t deal knockback and give less invincibility frames.
  • Queltod
    • 「Phase of the Moon attack」- Queltod has some control over DNA of Beasts, shifting all Ruby Skorps into Deathtail Skorps.
    • Jump animation frame data set to 0.
    • 「Lunar Illusion」always descends regardless of difficulty.
    • Some attacks have been recentered to Queltod and have slower startup speed.

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