Alpha 0.1.2

Version 0.1.2 Alpha is now available! This one includes just a few small tweaks and finally a version check that allows you to update to the latest version. Have fun!


Alpha Info

I’ve added a server check (to the right) to confirm if the server is up or not. This can help troubleshoot any connection issues you may have. I’ll add a forum system soon, but for now feel free to leave a comment.


Alpha 0.1.1

Updated to the latest alpha. I’ll add more detailed changelogs once there is a wider audience.

0.1.1 Changelog

  • Added music
  • Improved character swap mechanic
  • Title screen logo!
  • Fix: Luck Monkey’s final attack sometimes wouldn’t activate
  • Fix: Other misc. bugs

Download 0.1.1

Alpha Status

The alpha still has a few quirks and incomplete features, so I’m working on them and will get an update pushed out soon. I have some home buying that’s got me in a crunch for time but I’ll try to get the update out tonight.


Five days left

Only 5 days left until the first alpha release of Aeon Rivals. I’m working hard to get as much ready as possible!