Sneak Peek (Feb/14)

A new major feature is coming up. Here’s a little preview of the new building in town. I wonder what purpose it serves…?



Alpha 1.2.0

Aeon Rivals ver. 1.2.0 Alpha now live!

This update delivers chat commands and the ability to change your characters palette or outfit, plus lots of behind the scenes changes. Check the changelog below for more info.

1.2.0 Changelog

General Changes
  • Added chat commands system, such as “/flavor”. Commands available: flavor, help, credits
  • Characters now have changeable colors/costumes. Find out more here.
  • Added and rewrote some server scripts to improve security and speed
  • Improved player netcode
  • Boss with stun now properly cancels attack
  • Hit sound effects no longer overlap; prevents volume increase
  • Scaled all bosses horizontal drag down to reduce turn-around speed
  • Fix: User able to move after portal switch
  • Fix: Multiplayer Special Attack cancel bug
  • Fix: Chance for some specials to deal 0 damage
  • Fix: Prevent some chat messages from appearing more than once
  • Added a few sound effects
  • Minor text & internal changes
Character: Champ
  • Polished special & shield animation, adjusted overall palette
Character: Luck Monkey
  • Polished running animation, adjusted overall palette
  • Further modification to “Lucky Download”
Character: Doragon
  • Sprite polished
  • “Eat” has increased chance to replenish health [10% -> 20%]
  • “Eat” does more base damage [50 -> 80]
  • “Attack” does more base damage [100 -> 120]
  • “Flush” does more base damage [10 -> 30]
  • Fix: “Flush” netcode

Download 1.2.0


All characters have alternate color and costumes known as Flavors. Flavors are a great way to further customize your character to match your personality type.

To change your characters Flavor, simply type the following in the chat input: /flavor flavorcode

Flavor Guide 1

Next, press Enter and voilà! Your character will change their costume/color if you enter a valid Flavor Code.

Flavor Guide 2

For a list of Flavor codes for your character, select a character from the Characters page and then click the “Flavors” dropdown box.

Flavor Page



Alpha 1.1.0

Aeon Rivals ver. 1.1.0 Alpha now live!

Bug fixes and character improvements, including a new attack for Doragon! If you missed the last major update info, you can check it out here.

1.1.0 Changelog

General Changes
  • Attacks with a healing property now show a visual effect
  • Fix: InfoBot chat scroll bug.
  • Fix: Pixel burst and attack error when joining/leaving room.
  • Improved attack effect alignment when landing a hit on an enemy
  • A few other minor changes
Character: Luck Monkey
  • Special Attack “CONGRATULATIONS!” does more base damage per Window hit [30 -> 40].
  • Enabled and renamed Luck monkey’s Natural Gift, “Active Virus”. Grants a 2% chance to stun opponent.
  • “Lucky Download” shouldn’t lodge you inside stage tiles now.
Character: Doragon
  • New Special attack! Changed “Super Attack” to “Flush”, an attack which pushes Doragon droppings away.
  • “Mess” lasts longer [20 -> 180 sec].

Download 1.1.0

Alpha 1.0.1

Aeon Rivals ver. 1.0.1 Alpha is now available!

Quick new update that addresses a few bugs. If you missed the last major update info, you can check it out here.

1.0.1 Changelog

General Changes
  • Fix: Room display and join bug
  • Fix: InfoBot dialogue on server disconnection

Download 1.0.1