Update [1.7.3]



Added some new Halloween costumes for October. A few adjustments have also been made to some Celestian intelligence. This is only Phase 1 of Celestian improvements, so expect them to become more and more battle savvy.

For a complete list of changes, click the changelog box below.

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General Changes
  • Halloween 2017 Flavors for Champ, Doragon, Gloobin, KeRobo and Müja.
  • Snow speed has chance to stick at a certain speed.
  • Aeon’s snow and breezes are more natural.
  • Lost Desert area cacti graphic improvement.
  • Server now accepts both hallow20xx and halloween20xx Flavor codes.
  • Victory Café menu is now serving Pumpkin Cold Brew.
  • Small performance improvements to AI math.
Character Changes
  • Doragon’s Super Attack graphic incorrect for Halloween 2016 costume.
  • Müja’s shield effect spacing adjustment.
  • KeRobo’s Prime missiles bounce less (3 -> 2).
Celestian Changes
  • If their target is far away, Celestians will choose to chase down opponent.
  • Queltod chooses better attacks and approach options.
  • Queltod and Dipsy400’s max speed reduced.

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Halloween 2017 Pack

The fog has rolled in again. Check out the new Halloween 2017 Pack!

The Halloween 2017 Pack adds five unique Halloween costumes to choose from!

Click the “Compatibility” section below for a list of all compatible Characters.

This pack is compatible with the following Characters:

  • Champ
  • Doragon
  • KeRobo
  • Gloobin
  • Müja

Once purchased, the costume may be worn by typing the following in the Chat Input:

/flavor hallow2017

For more information on how Flavors work, please click here.

Q: What is a Costume Pack?
A: Costume Packs are content bundles that allow characters to wear special costumes, clothing or other adornments. Each Costume Pack has its own unique content.

Q: I purchased a Costume Pack. When will it be activated?
A: Your Costume Pack is active immediately after purchase. Please note that you will need to log out of any active game sessions to apply the changes.

Q: Do Costume Packs expire after purchase?
A: Nope! Once you’ve bought the pack it’s yours forever.

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Update [1.7.2]



This update has some UI improvements and a few gameplay changes for most Characters, especially Luck Monkey. I’ve also squished a few bugs and made some performance improvements.

Update: 1.7.2a fixes a stage corruption bug for the Dark Sea area.

For a complete list of changes, click the changelog box below.

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General Changes
  • Main UI icon updates allow for faster access.
  • “O” key does not allow variable jump height.
  • X-Bulletin reports reward available after battle for deliverable quests.
  • Energy reserve variable not reset after battle, sometimes causing incorrect battle messages.
  • V-Keys don’t have priority when clicking background objects.
  • Sorting Item Bag causes message to remain if Item bag is empty.
  • Dark Zone no longer resets if battle is lost or left.
  • Dark Sea map changed to a more neutral layout.
  • WASD movement keys work in menu selection.
  • Enemy / item collision check speed increased to improve accuracy.
  • Netcode tweaks to prevent cancled attacks from being sent.
  • Difficulty increased for Dark Zone.
  • Big performance improvements.
  • Dialogue box overlaps adjusted to show in front of items.
  • Some chat commands changed.
  • Frameworks updated.
  • Menu text changes.
Character Changes
  • Luck Monkey
    • Natural Gift now lets him send smileys to other players.
    • Free Smiley damage increased (80 -> 85), Style gain increased (1 -> 2).
    • Lucky Download damage increased (80 -> 90).
  • Doragon
    • Tricky Script damage increased (130 -> 135), Element Burst chance removed.
    • Eat damage increased (100 -> 140), Style gain increased (2 -> 6).
    • Attack Style gain decreased (4 -> 3).
  • KeRobo
    • Cactus Missile damage decreased (100 -> 90), Style gain decreased (4 -> 3).
  • Gloobin
    • Style gain up for all attacks (+1)
    • 「Snack Conversion」Style gain up (14 -> 15, 16->17 Prime).
  • Champ’s「Hyper Worm Beam」Style gain up (0 -> 2), damage up (200 -> 215).
  • Muja’s「Alchemy: Shock」and「Alchemy: Shock Chain」damage up (165 -> 175), (65 -> 75).
Celestian Changes
  • Queltod are a bit faster now.

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Top Players (August 2017)

🎉A massive shoutout to Axir for earning 1st place for the month of August.🎉

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Update [1.7.0]


This release has quite a big change to damage and game flow. The Style system has been reworked and Specials no longer rely on total hits. As Characters attack, their Style will build and once the Style gauge is full their special attack will be ready to use. After using the special attack, the Style gauge will Rank Up and add an attack multiplier to the character’s attack. A Character can stack the Style multiplier up to seven times.


Some items that interacted with Style have been updated or replaced. Artesian Water and Exotic Artseian Water are now Energy Tonic and Energy Tonic A1, respectively. All users inventories have had the old items exchanged for the new ones.

For a complete list of changes, click the changelog box below.

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General Changes
  • Revamped Special attack system.
  • Items changed to integrate with new damage system.
  • Badge achievement message could be glitched out by Item Bag close function.
  • Badge overlap issue with dialogue text.
  • Attack icon cooldowns improperly set if attack fails to activate.
  • Item icons overlapping the selector reticle.
  • More accurate and scalable damage formula for attacks.
  • Improved error handling when server connection can’t be established.
  • Testing a new detection method for most collisions that is 3x more efficient.
  • Guard damage rates reduced, making shields last longer.
  • Café menu code is much more efficient.
  • Café menu updated.
  • Tutorial text updated for new mechanic.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Code cleanup.
Character Changes
  • Champ’s「Mole Totem」moles not dealing damage correctly.
  • KeRobo
    • 「Full Boom」sends incorrect value to server.
    • Gatling gun has improved sound effects.
  • All Characters attack damages have been completely changed for new damage system. Check the wiki for the updated values.
  • Luck Monkey
    • 「Tricky Script」now accelerates smilies instead of guarding to help Luck Monkey take less damage. Forcing LM to stay in guard only hampered his performance as a close range fighter. Accelerated smilies also shrink in radius, so only use it when you know you’re safe.
    • Luck Monkey’s teleport starts up faster.
  • Müja
    • 「Alchemy: Flame」deals more damage than「Alchemy: Dancing Flame」variation. Both versions now get blue fire effect after obtaining just 1 Ember extract.
    • 「Alchemy: Lightning」deals more damage than「Alchemy: Chain Lightning」variation. Chain Lighting’s bolt deals more damage to the first enemy in the chain.
Celestian Changes
  • Celestian HP has been adjusted overall.

Download  1.7.0