When blocking attacks, you’ll notice a small “shine” effect. This can be used to indicate what type of guard you’ve just performed.

Normal Guard

A yellow flash means that you’ve performed a Normal Guard, which grants you a 70% chance to block all damage and a 30% chance for reduced damage.

Perfect Guard

If you time your guard just right, you’ll perform a Perfect Guard, which will block all damage. You’ll see a green flash instead!

Try experimenting with your guard timing to achieve a Perfect Guard! Please note that a Perfect Guard can only activate if you tap the Guard key quickly without holding it down. Holding down the Guard key will always result in a Normal Guard.


Mental State

Your Mental State heavily dictates how the flow of battle will go. The box icon next to your health meter will give you some insight as to what is on your characters mind.

Normal Mental States

Normal Icon
Character is focused on battle and performs well. The default Mental State.
Panic Icon
Character loses focus and is overcome with anxiety. Physical attacks are 30% weaker and character cannot perform a Perfect Guard. This status may occur when health is at 50% or less.
Caution Icon
Character is very alert and careful around the enemy, resulting in an increased chance to receive no damage when they perform a Normal Guard
Anger Icon
Character is overcome with anger and will attack with reckless abandon. Attacks deal 60% more damage, but the character will take more damage when hit.
Pluck Icon
A feeling of courage invigorates the character, giving a 30% attack bonus. Onward to victory!!

Abnormal Mental States

The player’s mind is partially taken over by the enemy. The enemy forces the player to run uncontrollably.
Zen Icon
An intense level of focus is achieved. This state will not change for the duration of the battle.



1.0.0 Alpha

Aeon Rivals ver. 1.0.0 Alpha is now available!

This update includes many new features and a few major bug fixes. I rewrote a LOT of old code in this update to improve gameplay. New content includes 2 new bosses, a new game mechanic, and many tweaks and performance improvements. I haven’t kept up with everything in this log because I’m focused on getting to beta version.

The bosses are still largely unfinished, especially Gechi. I apologize for this and I will continually work to finish them. Check the dropdown below for more info.

1.0.0 Changelog

  • New Bosses: Gechi, Dodop
  • New “Mental State” mechanic. Info can be found here.
  • Rewrote large amount of code, animation and movement is much smoother
  • Guarding now has a visual effect
  • New sound effects added
  • New text inputs with extra functions
  • Fix: Duplicate player bug
  • Fix: Boss attack AI
  • Fix: Boss projectile attack bug
  • Fix: Portal entry particle effect bug
  • Fix: Server connection error status text
  • Infobot’s tooltip no longer appears after returning from battle
  • Many other bugfixes and tweaks for performance
Character: Champ
  • Mole Totem moles now launch with slight forward velocity

Download 1.0.0

Style Meter

Style Meter

The Style Meter, also known as the S-Meter, is used to measure how much Style you’ve accumulated. The higher your Style, the more damage you’ll do.

Style is gained by landing various attacks on the enemy. Style is lost when your character is struck by an attack. Style is also lost if you hit the enemy with the same attack three or more times in a row, so make sure to switch up your attacks to build Style.

While most attacks damage totals are affected by Style, not all are. Some attacks deal fixed damage and are unaffected by Style. Some Rival attacks are also capable to robbing you of your Style!

Make sure to keep an eye on your Style. High Style is high success!


Server update

Just a quick update–A few bugs with the server have been fixed. Happy battling!