0.1.3 Alpha

It’s been a very busy week for me, but version 0.1.3 is here! This release includes a new character and a few major bug fixes. Hop on the download train!
I’m still working on getting a proper icon for both OSX and Windows version and tweaking the ability card title, so please bear with me.

0.1.3 Changelog

  • New character “Doragon” joins the battle
  • Selection cursor placement resets after making a decision
  • Changed “Free Smileys” text to “Free Smilies”
  • Fix: Login menu exit glitch
  • Fix: Room menu close glitch
  • Fix: Chararcter stats scroll
  • Fix: Character’s Ability Card data now changes properly when swapped
  • Other minor tweaks

Download 0.1.3

0.1.3 In the Works

I’ve been working on a handful of new bugfixes and will have the update out later today or tomorrow. There will also be a new character in this build, so prepare yourselves!


A third fighter appears!


Forums active

I’ve finally finished implementing and tidying up the CSS for the forums. Any game discussion you may have can be held there. They’re currently a bit empty, so try to start up a discussion. 🙂


Alpha 0.1.2

Version 0.1.2 Alpha is now available! This one includes just a few small tweaks and finally a version check that allows you to update to the latest version. Have fun!


Alpha Info

I’ve added a server check (to the right) to confirm if the server is up or not. This can help troubleshoot any connection issues you may have. I’ll add a forum system soon, but for now feel free to leave a comment.