Victory Café

Aeon Café

Need a stat boost before heading into battle? The Victory Café has you covered, and it’s open 24/7. The barista, “Sigurd”, will offer you various tasty goods with a short description of their battle effects.

Each product costs 1 Token, but it’s money well spent. The effects are only temporary and wear off after a short while, so make sure to make the most of the buff. Try and experiment to find which product works best for each character!


Element Extract

Occasionally when you attack an enemy they’ll release something known as Element Extract, the essence of what all monsters are made of. There are quite a few variations of the extract, which some types more rare than others.


Element Extract can be used to power up your attacks, but it depends on what type of extract you absorb. Each character has different extract requirements for their individual attacks, so be sure to check the Character page to find Element Extract requirements.

You can avoid absorbing Extract by raising your Guard. If you’ve absorbed more than one type of Extract and you’re hit by an attack, you have a chance of losing the Extract. If you need to remove all Extract you’ve gathered, hold Guard and then press Jump.


Alpha 1.5.0

The next big update is out! Download Alpha 1.5.0 today.

This update features a plethora of new features, including the introduction of Aeon Café and a new Element Extract system. There are a ton of new changes, so check them out below!

1.5.0 Changelog

General Changes
  • Opened “Victory Café”, a store where you can buy items before battle
  • Element Extract system; a new way to power up attacks
  • Last played character and flavor now save to your account when logging out
  • Adjusted damage formula to incorporate Victory Café buffs
  • Modified confirmation window for better performance
  • Disable landmark selection when in chat
  • Visual changes to HUD
  • Attacks with a shorter stun effect wont override pre-stunned monster
  • New Mental State “Trance”, forces player to run right
  • Players have an increased chance to randomly feel “Plucky”
  • Critical damage displays as large text
  • Extract bonus damage adds “!” and text color change
  • Fixed damage attacks aren’t affected by Mental State
  • Fix: Amount of Tokens won after battle is now accurate
  • Fix: Critical modifier formula
  • Fix: Boss animation error when attacked on slope
  • Fix: User disconnect room join bug
  • Fix: Multiple login attempt server d/c bug
  • Fix: Username input focus error
  • Fix: Text change when connecting before logout
  • Fix: Focus error with some pop-ups
  • Fix: Reset coin total when logging out
  • Fix: Switch to Title music when disconnected
  • Fix: V-Keys jump/guard disallowed on wait screen
  • Internal code cleanup
  • Other misc tweaks
Boss Specific
  • Gechi will inflict “Trance” when in contact with player
  • Gechi’s minions (Gechi Ghost) will inflict “Panic” when in contact with player
  • Gechi’s high jump animation is improved
  • Improved Dodop’s AI

Download 1.5.0

Sneak Peek (Feb/14)

A new major feature is coming up. Here’s a little preview of the new building in town. I wonder what purpose it serves…?



Alpha 1.2.0

Aeon Rivals ver. 1.2.0 Alpha now live!

This update delivers chat commands and the ability to change your characters palette or outfit, plus lots of behind the scenes changes. Check the changelog below for more info.

1.2.0 Changelog

General Changes
  • Added chat commands system, such as “/flavor”. Commands available: flavor, help, credits
  • Characters now have changeable colors/costumes. Find out more here.
  • Added and rewrote some server scripts to improve security and speed
  • Improved player netcode
  • Boss with stun now properly cancels attack
  • Hit sound effects no longer overlap; prevents volume increase
  • Scaled all bosses horizontal drag down to reduce turn-around speed
  • Fix: User able to move after portal switch
  • Fix: Multiplayer Special Attack cancel bug
  • Fix: Chance for some specials to deal 0 damage
  • Fix: Prevent some chat messages from appearing more than once
  • Added a few sound effects
  • Minor text & internal changes
Character: Champ
  • Polished special & shield animation, adjusted overall palette
Character: Luck Monkey
  • Polished running animation, adjusted overall palette
  • Further modification to “Lucky Download”
Character: Doragon
  • Sprite polished
  • “Eat” has increased chance to replenish health [10% -> 20%]
  • “Eat” does more base damage [50 -> 80]
  • “Attack” does more base damage [100 -> 120]
  • “Flush” does more base damage [10 -> 30]
  • Fix: “Flush” netcode

Download 1.2.0

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