Alpha 0.1.1

Updated to the latest alpha. I’ll add more detailed changelogs once there is a wider audience.

0.1.1 Changelog

  • Added music
  • Improved character swap mechanic
  • Title screen logo!
  • Fix: Luck Monkey’s final attack sometimes wouldn’t activate
  • Fix: Other misc. bugs

Download 0.1.1

Alpha Status

The alpha still has a few quirks and incomplete features, so I’m working on them and will get an update pushed out soon. I have some home buying that’s got me in a crunch for time but I’ll try to get the update out tonight.


Five days left

Only 5 days left until the first alpha release of Aeon Rivals. I’m working hard to get as much ready as possible!


Hello Tim

The release date for the public alpha is June 15th, 2014. Get ready!


Hello, world!

Welcome to Aeon Rivals. I’ll post development updates here, so check back soon.