Server update

Just a quick update–A few bugs with the server have been fixed. Happy battling!


Tons of new stuff

The next release coming up has tons of new content. I haven’t publicized the game yet so the amount of other players will be quite low unfortunately, but feel free to invite a friend to play!

I’ll try to push out this next update by the middle of November. I might publicize sometime in December, or whenever I get a minimum of 5 playable characters and 5 playable bosses.


Hiatus Done

After a short hiatus, I’ve returned to development. I’m still working on finishing the previous release, but I’ll have it out in the next few days. If you like this game please share it with friends, it really helps me out.


Server Down (8/9)

Server had a new problem where it wouldn’t bind to its proper port. Issue has been resolved and server is now back online. Happy battles ahead!


Server Update

The server software for Aeon Rivals has received a pretty beefy update. I’ve updated some of the software and the memory performance should behave a bit better now, so that means less server crashes. Thanks for bearing with me while I work out these bugs.


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