βeta 1.9.4

βeta 1.9.4 – we’re back online!

Fixed a few major bugs. Click the changelog below for more details.

1.9.4 Changelog

General Changes
  • Doragon’s attacks set to incorrect values, causing errors.
  • Improved previous implementation of slowdown reduction for many attacks hitting an enemy.
  • Disabled “pixel explosion” sound when player is connecting to server.

Download 1.9.4

1.9.3 Maintenance

Hello everyone. I found a couple of major bugs in the newest release so it’s down for maintenance for a bit. The server will be back online 10:30PM EST. Thanks for your patience.

Maintenance is now complete!


βeta 1.9.3

βeta 1.9.3 is live.

Lots of changes in this release! Buffed and revamped some Characters and fixed a few bugs. Click the changelog below for more details.

1.9.3 Changelog

General Changes
  • Two new Flavors: Natural (Champ) and Bowerman (KeRobo).
  • SFX for player death.
  • Token counter displaying large negative numbers.
  • Celestial Beasts (and Chun) facing opposite direction on spawn.
  • infoBot dialog for “Celestial Beast” error.
  • Server not updating user’s session tokens and total wins after a victory.
  • Quite a few KeRobo sprite mistakes.
  • Cactus “Missle” typo.
  • Bug that may cause unnecessary frameskips.
  • Programmed attack creation function from scratch to fix “no attack” bug.
  • Damage text now has function to prevent too many from appearing to help reduce slowdowns.
  • Less gibs drawn when hitting enemy.
  • Gibs wont appear when another player strikes an enemy; gameplay is less chaotic 🙂
  • Increased FPS of “hit” effect.
  • Increased Token winnings base total (2 -> 4 Tokens).
  • Unhanded login errors are more specific.
  • Users are sent message including Celestial Beasts difficulty on game start.
  • Element Extract will now bounce off of walls
  • AIR SDK updated (13.0 -> 18.0)
  • Removed some junk code
Character Changes
  • Doragon’s “Lucky Poop” fall through floor glitch
  • Doragon revamp: play-style now relies less on「Mess」piles.
    • “Lucky Poop”「Mess」requirement greatly lowered (15 -> 7).
    • “Lucky Poop” attack modifier increased (30% -> 35%).
    • “Lucky Poop” increases party critical hit rate: +3% for Luck Monkey player, +1% for all other players. Doragon users retain 35% critical rate.
    • 「Mess」duration shortened (120 -> 100 seconds).
    • 「Eat」has higher chance to replenish Health (20% -> 25%).
    • 「Eat」Element Bonus altered: 1 Extract required, heals +40 Health.
    • 「Flush」base damage increased (30 -> 50).
    • “Super Attack” base damage increased (3x -> 6x).
  • Kerobo revamp: allows focus on gatling without sporadically switching between attacks.
    • 「Seed Gatling」base damage increased (5 -> 7.5), cooldown increased (negligible) to prevent incorrect data send + overlap (1 -> 2.5 sec).
    • 「Cactus Missle」base damage increase (120 -> 130), cooldown increased (10 -> 14 seconds).
    • 「Prickly Arm」base damage increase (60 -> 70 (Body), 150 -> 180 (Punch)), cooldown increased (10 -> 20 seconds).
    • Extract Bonus inaccuracy: 40% chance to crit instead of 50%; Wiki updated.
  • Luck Monkey revamp: Less tapping needed to summon smilies; smilies are fewer but stronger.
    • 「Free Smilies」duration increased (13 -> 18 seconds), cooldown increased (1 -> 4 seconds), base damage increased (30 -> 80). Note that
    • LM can no longer do “0” damage since the base attack is higher than Celestial Beast defense.
    • 「Tricky Script」cooldown increased (3 -> 7), base damage increased (30, fixed -> 110, fixed).
    • 「Luck Download」base damage increased (50 -> 60).
  • Champ’s「Tail Jab」has more hit pause, invincibility frames very slightly increased (aerial and ground).

Download 1.9.3

βeta 1.9.2

βeta 1.9.2 is now live.

Tweaked some values and a implemented a few graphical fixes. Click the changelog below for details.

1.9.2 Changelog

General Changes
  • KeRobo sprite errors
  • Decreased Celestial Beast stun resistance on higher difficulties (stun lasts longer)
  • Misc code tuning to help things run smoother

Download 1.9.2

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