βeta 1.9.1

βeta 1.9.1 is live.

Quick bugfix and a couple of new Flavors!

1.9.1 Changelog

General Changes
  • Flavors for KeRobo: “Aeonium” and “Ribbit”
  • Item icon bug

Download 1.9.1

βeta 1.9.0

fb-post-072915Tons of gameplay improvements, enhancements and bug fixes plus a new Character and Training Area. Check the changelog below for details.

1.9.0 Changelog

General Changes
  • [New] Playable Character added!
  • [New] Training Area added; practice your attacks on Training Dummy “Chun”
  • [New] Victory Pack added to award monthly top ranking player
  • [New] Command to see total victories, “wins”
  • [New] Command to see total players online, “usercount”
  • [Fix] Attacks not properly disposed when exiting portal
  • [Fix] Client sending 2x the amount of data necessary in main gateway
  • Players can no longer exit room while player is joining, helps prevent room host errors
  • Player movement commands now sent via UDP, improves send speed
  • Improved damage text spawn code & changed display style for improved visibility
  • Improved slope collision detection
  • Improved attack hit spawn location
  • Improved player movement & attacking netcode
  • Up key now used for talking to infoBot and other NPC’s
  • Restart countdown now warns users of upcoming server restart
  • Fullscreen shortcut changed to Ctrl-F (Cmd-F for Mac)
  • Enabled HTTP tunneling, will help some users behind firewall connect easily
  • Shortened “oneweakness” logo display time on game boot
  • Updated server libraries
  • Minor code improvements and bug fixes
Boss Specific
  • Dōdop’s missiles firing location improved
Character Specific
  • Gloobin max speed very slightly increased

Download 1.9.0

βeta 1.8.3

βeta 1.8.3 is live.

Couple of gameplay changes, bug fixes and a new Flavor for Doragon. Changelog below!

1.8.3 Changelog

General Changes
  • [Fix] Player health bug when receiving Reflect damage
  • [Fix] Mental State changing too often when struck by an attack
  • Reflect blocks all damage
  • Less gibs appear when attacking enemy
Boss Specific
  • [Fix] Dipsy4000’s “tell” animation for guests
Character Specific
  • [New] Doragon Flavor added, “Adventure”
  • Luck Monkey’s smilies are now non-reflectable.
  • Luck Monkey’s「Lucky Download」graphic improved

Download 1.8.3

βeta 1.8.2

βeta 1.8.2 is now live.

New features and bug fixes. Check out the changelog below for details. If you like this feel free to tweet or post to Facebook. 🙂

1.8.2 Changelog

General Changes
  • [New] Added items and adjusted Gachapon chances.
  • [New] Optimized netcode damage calculation, send speed is much faster
  • [Fix] Item button 3 incorrect label.
  • [Fix] Pixel burst spawn location when damaging enemy.
  • [Fix] Item hotkey drag bug.
  • Mouse-click for Gachapon is no longer pixel perfect, allows transparent globe to be clicked.
  • SFX added and some sound levels adjusted.
  • Element Extract will expire after a set number of bounces.
  • Other misc bug fixes.
Boss Specific
  • Aggro timers adjusted to match personalities.
  • “Dodop” name spelling changed to “Dōdop”.
  • [New] Dōdop’s crystals reflect damage when Dōdop is struck from behind.
  • Dōdop roars before battle.
  • Gechi is better at catching slowed characters.
  • Dipsy’s pecking tell now has eye sparkle.
  • Dipsy’s bombs have a slightly longer flicker period
Character Specific
  • Champ’s「Piercing Tail」name changed to “Tail Jab”. After adding Reflect I found the name to be misleading.
  • Champ’s「Tail jab」hit pause increased, invincibility frames increased.

Download 1.8.2