News (Jun 2015)

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed an issue with attack effects occasionally failing to display for other users. I’m working on finding a fix for this ASAP. I’ve put a lot of work into version 1.8.0, so please look forward to it. Updates include an item system, major gameplay improvements and a few other surprises.

The game server will be offline for maintenance until I find solution for the attack issue. I feel the game will be much more fun after the new update. Thank you for your patience.


βeta 1.7.7

βeta 1.7.7 is now live!

A quick update that will hopefully solve the random “player attack” glitches. This update also addresses a few other issues, such a few bugs with Doragon’s attacks.

1.7.7 Changelog

General Changes
  • Removed a specific type of encryption in an effort to prevent random bugs
  • Added prevention for a few null pointer exceptions
  • Removed trace calls
Character Specific
  • FIX: Luck Monkey’s「CONGRATULATIONS!」sometimes not stunning Boss
  • FIX: Doragon’s Golden Poop failure to spawn for other players
  • FIX: Doragon incorrect attack color

Download 1.7.7

βeta 1.7.6

βeta 1.7.6 is a go!

Lots of bugfixes and new “Royal Pack” content. Click here for the official announcement and don’t forget to check below for a complete list of changes.

1.7.6 Changelog

General Changes
  • Brand new content – Royal Costume Pack! Allows players to wear crowns.
  • Cooldowns now reset on gateway change.
  • Rewrote all server-side “for” loops to safely & efficiently loop through users in room.
  • Fix: Null error when user leaves populated room, causing Health/Buff timer to fail.
  • Fix: “Black text” bug on chat scroll.
  • Fix: Name color not updating in Gateways.
  • Fix: Special effects and damage text appearing behind bosses.
  • Altered battle damage/text styles. Player effects are white with a colored outline. Damage dealt is the color of your username with a black outline.
  • Battle text fades out slower.
  • Users are added differently to Gateways. Player will always stay in their original spot.
  • Users who log-in for the first time are explained the controls and basic gameplay by infoBot.
  • Removed some unnecessary library calls.
  • Minor security improvements.
  • Change button text to “Exit” when prompt for game update.
  • “Blue” name color palette lightened to enhance visibility (updated wiki preview).
  • Removed unused code.
Boss Specific
  • Bounding box code call changed
  • FIX: Dipsy4000’s peck hitbox sometimes fails to spawn.
  • FIX: Boss may become stuck on far-left or far-right world bounds.
  • FIX: Boss failure to jump when touching solid walls.
Character Specific
  • Gloobin’s movement speed is a tiny bit faster.
  • Fix: Attacks「Flush」and「Sparkling Blitz」sometimes don’t deal correct damage.

Download 1.7.6

Royal Pack

Royal Pack Banner

Dignify yourself with the new Royal Pack!

Royal #1

Royal #2

Royal #3

The Royal Pack allows you to adorn some Characters with a majestic crown of your choice. There are 2 crowns to choose from and once worn will cause your character to emanate regal sparkles.

Click the “Compatibility” section below for a list of all compatible Characters.

This pack is compatible with the following Characters:

  • Champ
  • Luck Monkey
  • Doragon
  • Gloobin
  • KeRobo

Once purchased, the costume may be worn by typing the following in the Chat Input:

/flavor royal

If you’d like to wear the second crown, type the following in the Chat Input:

/flavor imperial

For more information on how Flavors work, please click here.

Q: What is a Costume Pack?
A: Costume Packs are content bundles that allow characters to wear special costumes, clothing or other adornments. Each Costume Pack has its own unique content.

Q: I purchased a Costume Pack. When will it be activated?
A: Your Costume Pack is active immediately after purchase. Please note that you will need to log out of any active game sessions to apply the changes.

Q: Do Costume Packs expire after purchase?
A: Nope! Once you’ve bought the pack it’s yours forever.

Royal Divide

The price of this Costume Pack is $3.99.
This pack is free for all Club Aeon and Club Aeon Lite members.

Purchase this Pack ($3.99) Choose a Membership Level


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