Update [2.1.0]


This release features a new Area, gameplay updates and welcome sign for Aeon, along with other new content!

South Island

A new gem has been unearthed in the distant Area known as South Island. They need help defending against an influx of Dipsy4000s.

Gameplay Changes

Characters have been training hard! The base acceleration for most Characters has been greatly increased, giving them much snappier movement options. Champ, Luck Monkey, Gloobin and Doragon received the most notable acceleration changes.

Guard Glide – Movement options while guarding have also been improved with the Guard Glide. Holding a directional key while a guard is active will reduce ground drag, allowing Characters to slide slightly further than normal. The direction moved while blocking a hit can also be influenced by directional keys during both Normal and Perfect Guard.

Aeon Sign

This sign welcomes all to Aeon, displaying current information on its built-in display. The display showcases new features, events, costume packs and will sometimes a show special screen that allows users to earn a rare item by clicking the sign screen. Vigilant users can use this feature to earn hard to find items!


Badge ranks have been refactored and are easier to understand. Different metals are now used to determine badge rank. The metal denotes the rank of the badge, with a total of 10 ranks.

Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

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General Changes
  • South Island Area gem discovered.
  • Aeon Sign – a welcome sign for Aeon with a screen that displays in-game features, events, and sometimes even gives rewards.
  • Badge ranks have been refactored and are easier to understand. Metals are used to determine badge rank.
  • Some stage objects can intercept item dragging.
  • Guard Glide – Characters can influence forward momentum if holding a direction while starting to guard or holding guard, slightly reducing ground drag.
  • Normal Guard can now used to influence movement direction.
  • Netcode for movement is smoother and more accurate.
  • Netcode attack sync is more accurate.
  • Sliding mechanic used by attacks has been reworked to allow greater changes in velocity.
  • Portion of slope collision check optimized (3x faster).
  • Portion of velocity calculation optimized.
  • Dark Zone opening frequency increased.
  • Aeon object and NPC repositioning.
  • The “!” character can be used to execute a command (i.e. !help)
  • UI adjustments.
  • Graphics renderer cleanup.
  • Cleaned up a few unused variables.
Character Changes
  • Champ’s acceleration speed increased +183%.
  • Luck Monkey’s acceleration speed increased +133%
  • Doragon’s acceleration speed increased +147%
  • KeRobo’s max speed increased +7%
  • Gloobin
    • Balloon Bomber – aerial variant of Bubble Bomber. Provides mobility and slows descent for better movement options, but vulnerable to Clash.
    • Gloobin’s acceleration speed increased +230%
    • Natural Gift Fizzy Body includes additional reduced knockback effect.
Celestian Changes
  • Dipsy4000
    • Bombs have self-righting properties and will teeter down slopes.
    • Bombs no longer explode after too many bounces.
    • Bomb graphic updated.


Top Players (August 2018)

🎊Congrats to Slycat for earning 211 points for the month of August. GG!🎊

# Name Victory Points
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Update [2.0.1]



Lots and lots of bug fixes, along with an important data saving feature and a new costume for Müja. The new Area will be partially explorable in the next release! Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Safe save mechanic – if there’s an error saving user data, the server will continue to try until it succeeds. This prevents data rollbacks.
  • Login will fail if user’s tutorial state is blank.
  • Tutorial doesn’t flag completion immediately.
  • Client password not accepted if it contained certain characters.
  • Using a catalyst item can cause issues when failing to activate.
  • Data saving issue with specific server function.
  • Other user’s level text does not disappear immediately after defeat.
  • Dragging a blank item onto the quick use slot causes graphic errors.
  • Guest’s level respawns after defeat causing graphic error.
  • Some Acolyte Beast effects appear when inactive.
  • Reserving an Area diemnsions doesn’t update tokens server-side.
  • Server variable refactoring, now uses less memory for smoother operation.
  • Remote player spoof prevention for Acolyte Beast in battle.
  • Local settings force save on game exit.
  • Server saves data differently to reduce usage load.
Character Changes
Celestian Changes
  • Beasts always roam around and never stop to take a break.
  • Ruby Skorp’s idle less often, Deathtail Skorps idle more often.


Update [2.0.0]



This update features a brand new leveling system and lots of bug fixes. More content will continue to roll out in the following weeks.

Battle Level

Players now have a Battle Level, which helps give an idea of how many battles they’ve fought. The level is displayed on a Level Tag, which displays next to the player’s name. Players can raise their level by helping out during battle via damage or helpful actions. Level can be raised in both solo and team battles. Increasing your level doesn’t power your Character up in any way, so just focus on having fun in battle!

Any veteran players who login before August 31st will receive a one-time experience boost based on their total wins.

Enjoy Aeon Rivals? Join Club Aeon! You'll get lots of cool stuff and directly support game development.


General Changes
  • Battle Level system. Players can level up by gaining battle experience.
  • Level Tag visible to other users.
  • Chun’s tutorial not letting players advance. (Thanks, numinex!)
  • Other players can complete training actions if multiple people are completing tutorial in same Dimension.
  • Victory Point total can desync in client.
  • Token total can desync in client.
  • Traveling Plant Salesman brings up VC menu.
  • Tutorial completion will initially show incorrect Item Bag contents.
  • Character Shrine menu can activate while in another dialogue.
  • Improved tutorial mode performance and help text.
  • Lock thread when evaluating a battle success to help prevent code running multiple times.
  • Changed username spacing and justification.
  • New users receive more tokens after completing tutorial.
  • Minor tweaks and improvements.
Character Changes
  • N/A
Celestian Changes
  • N/A


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