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Update [3.0.1]



This patch features a huge update to the graphic rendering engine. I’ve compiled years and years of library updates in this release and it took lots of testing. Contact me on the forums or in Discord if you run into any issues.

Click below for a list of all changes


  • Massive (5+ years worth) update to the 2D GPU engine, delivering better performance and compatibility for all devices
  • “Enhanced” render added for compatible devices
  • KeRobo’s missiles can cause a soft lock after switching between characters
  • Resolved a few prominent memory leaks
  • Knockback value not applied correctly for some attacks
  • KeRobo’s sentry misaligned when mounted to KeRobo
  • Deluxe Lemonade not recovering extra health
  • Reworked how sprites are drawn – please report any sprite bugs you may notice
  • Game server software update
  • Performance improvements to general netcode

Update [3.0.0]



It feels good to finally get such a large update pushed out! So many things have been updated in this release that it has been hard to keep track. This update marks a huge milestone and the start of a regular release cycle.

Check the changelog below for a complete list of updates.


  • Celestians are now created with a strange material – a flexible and powerful form of matter
  • KeRobo has a new ability that can be attached to other attacks
  • Character Mental State has been stabilized, no longer susceptible to fluctuations
  • Staying Power health system – Characters have varying max health values
  • Guard Class rating for each Character – determines total damage is blocked when guarding
  • Café buffs not resetting when in gateways with custom time limits
  • Damage per second/minute text display issue
  • UI changes to main HUD
  • Celestian health and damage no longer scale with difficulty
  • Special effects changed for most Café items and some inventory items
  • Air drag system
  • Guard can be used in air
  • Guard can no longer be broken
  • All Characters have unified stun system when hurt
  • Deathtail Skorps no longer OHKO
  • Users can now see heal / damage values of team members
  • Healing abilities reworked to allow extra attack effects
  • Gloobin can charge Bubble Bomber when not Prime
  • Müja’s Dulcet Chime gives party members +1Sync and clears minds of Beasts
  • Rework “held key” attack system for flexibility and performance
  • Improved netcode
  • Chun training dialogue updates
  • Difficulty levels tied to the Containment Field power settings
  • Reduced quake when taking damage and removed red screen flash
  • Lots and lots of other minor tweaks and performance improvements

Top Players (June 2020)

🏆 Respect to mdittus for taking 1st place in June 2020 with a score of 78 VP! 🏆

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Top Players (March 2020)

🏆 Respect to Gibil for taking 1st place in March 2020 with a score of 2967 VP! 🏆

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