Aeon Rivals 1.5.8 is ready to go.

The Secret Crush Valentine’s Event has begun.

It turns out that you have a secret admirer – and they have a specific request for you. A wave of Pink Bons have appeared at the Dark Sea and they’re running amok. If you can defeat enough of them, your admirer will personally thank you with a Love Letter.

You can open the letter to receive a Lovely Egg, which hatches into a Luvlet Acolyte Beast. Luvlet is capable of sharing food its given with all other Acolyte Beasts on the map, so it makes for a great team supporter. It’s even capable of dealing some damage, too.
The event will last until February 28th.

For a complete list of changes, click the changelog box below.

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General Changes
  • Valentine’s Event “Secret Crush”.
  • “Luvlet” Acolyte Beast added.
  • Event item with a new property added.
  • Item description correction.
  • Client and server code improvements.
  • FPS limiter is slightly more lenient.
  • Removed unused variables.
  • Minor adjustments.
Character Changes
  • N/A
Celestian Changes
  • N/A

Download  1.5.8