Aeon Rivals 1.6.0 is here!

Version 1.6 brings improvements to item management and provides critical bugfixes. This includes multiple item discard, item sorting and other adjustments.

When viewing an item, the total item quantity in your Item Bag now appears in the window title. When discarding items, users can now specify how many they’d like to toss. It’s not too early to start Spring cleaning.

For a complete list of changes, click the changelog box below.

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General Changes
  • Multiple item discard.
  • Major rewrite of battle hosting code to improve security and fix lots of issues.
  • Egg hatch data doesn’t save.
  • Text inputs removed from UI after force exit.
  • Text inputs not closed during some exit cases.
  • Game loses focus when item bag is closed in some cases.
  • Server miscounting items in bag in several cases.
  • Infobot dialogue sometimes overlaps Portal settings menu.
  • New users would falsely see Umbatt Acolyte Beast on first login.
  • Icon alignment issue in Acolyte Ranch.
  • Prism Ore is a possible daily request reward.
  • Total items quantities now displayed in the item title.
  • Performance adjustments to GP Mode renderer.
  • 2x performance improvement in slope checking code.
  • FPS limiter algorithm updated for performance and safety.
  • Server performance improvements.
  • Client performance improvements and code cleanup.
Character Changes
  • Müja’s「Dulcet Chime」not buffing other users.
Celestian Changes
  • N/A

Download  1.6.0