This update ushers in the Spring Scramble event and also big updates to gameplay balance. Included are changes to Guarding and attack damage formulas.

Spring Scramble

Three new Acolyte Beasts have been introduced. They’re quite similar but each of them grant different battle benefits. Lucky players may receive one or more of these eggs as Battle Rewards during this event, so get crackin’!

Game Mechanic Updates

The player’s Guard previously had a very fast regeneration rate. This offers characters like Luck Monkey a highly offensive role with no real risk of damage. The regeneration rate has been reduced and some Celestians are  capable of dealing more Guard damage. Shield pressure is something players will have to manage more delicately when fighting Celestians.

The damage formula and attack damage totals have been adjusted for each attack in-game. This required a rebalance of Celestian and Beast health totals, lending a better advantage to some previously lackluster player attacks.

If you notice and bugs or mistakes please let me know in the forums. For a complete list of changes, click the changelog box below.

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General Changes
  • Spring Event – Fight Celestians and collect new Acolyte Beast eggs.
  • Victory Café offers a new drink to celebrate the season.
  • Updated SDKs, fixing a few misc bugs.
  • Greatly improved error checking system for server login errors.
  • Canceling Item Sort freeze Item Bag input.
  • DPS text doesn’t properly update in some scenarios.
  • Damage calculations modified, affecting boss health and damage totals.
  • Daily request reward pool now has candies.
  • Guard strength recovery is slightly slower, especially when guarding.
  • Player’s guard effect size shows more accurate guard strength estimation.
  • Café item “Perfect Donut” spawn algorithm scales with players and increased to 20%.
  • FPS limiter ignores frame drops caused by some prompt menus.
  • Memory and performance improvements.
  • Removed some unused files.
Character Changes
  • Champ’s「Mole Totem」errantly spawns moles on some tiles at Dark Sea.
  • KeRobo’s「Seed Gatling」DPS reduced.
  • KeRobo’s cactus spines now last longer (16->20, Prime 21-> 35).
  • Luck Monkey is now Type-C.
Celestian Changes
  • Stronger Celestians deal a bit more shield damage.
  • Celestian HP scaled up slightly to match new damage formula.
  • Celestian’s have less HP for easier difficulties.

Download  1.6.1