This update gives Müja some new tools to better fight enemies and deal with different situations. Also included are some minor tweaks and fixes.

For a complete list of changes, click the changelog box below.

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General Changes
  • Improved client and server cheat detection.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Character Changes
  • Müja
    • Elements can be changed to alternate forms for improved utility -「Dancing Flame」,「Shock Chain」and「Magnet Milk」
    • On first use,「Transmute」will change the current element to an alternate form. On second use, it will swap the flask as it did previously.
    • Icons numerals updated and layout has been improved.
    • 「Transmute」swap speed increased for normal and Prime.
    • 「Alchemy: Milk」bubble lasts longer. (8 -> 27, Prime 9.6 -> 30)
    • Fireball’s travel faster.
    • Dark Mirror Prime clone lasts longer (7s -> 10s).
    • Effect positioning tweaks.
Celestian Changes
  • N/A

Download  1.6.2