Version 1.6.3This release fixes a few things adds a couple new features, including variable height jumping and the Dark Zone Gateway.

Dark Zone

This Gateway is in early Alpha stages, but it should be able to accommodate up to 20 users at a time. The new room contains stronger than normal Celestians, but always returns rare rewards. Gateways are only open at select times, which will be posted via the official website and social media. Please invite your friends and help us test out this new feature.

Variable Height Jumping

I completely rewrote the jump code so that users can now control the height of their jump depending on how long the button press is held. This makes for better control of your character and improves overall fun factor. A few changes were also made to auto-jump and double jump mechanics.


Horizontal hitbox sizes have also been greatly reduced to make it easier to avoid getting hit in close quarters. On top of all that, KeRobo has a new upgrade that gets rid of his fear of slopes.

For a complete list of changes, click the changelog box below.

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General Changes
  • Prototype DARK ZONE Gateway is in testing phase.
  • Variable jump height system introduced.
  • Force joining a closed portal while in town may cause global server instability.
  • New badge message could appear overtop when some menus (Thanks, SRad!)
  • Acolyte Beast button won’t open if in chat (Thanks, mint)
  • Null error when confirming Quit dialogue on some versions of Windows.
  • Completely rewrote gateway ‘Start’ button mechanics to accommodate new PARTY portals and to help squash potential bugs.
  • Auto-jump and double jump tweaks to work with new system and fix overall balance.
  • Music starts when entering a portal to help get the blood flowing while waiting to start the battle.
  • Performance improvement when in main town.
  • Canceling Quit dialogue refocuses window.
  • Finishing NPC dialogue performs a badge check afterward.
  • Background art and objects graphic improvements.
  • Flavor text changed for Revival System warnings.
  • Minor map changes.
  • Minor music adjustments.
  • Minor code cleanup.
Character Changes
  • KeRobo no longer auto-hops on hills.
  • All Characters now have much smaller horizontal hitboxes.
Celestian Changes
  • Dōdop HP has been slightly reduced.

Download  1.6.3