This release has quite a big change to damage and game flow. The Style system has been reworked and Specials no longer rely on total hits. As Characters attack, their Style will build and once the Style gauge is full their special attack will be ready to use. After using the special attack, the Style gauge will Rank Up and add an attack multiplier to the character’s attack. A Character can stack the Style multiplier up to seven times.


Some items that interacted with Style have been updated or replaced. Artesian Water and Exotic Artseian Water are now Energy Tonic and Energy Tonic A1, respectively. All users inventories have had the old items exchanged for the new ones.

For a complete list of changes, click the changelog box below.

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General Changes
  • Revamped Special attack system.
  • Items changed to integrate with new damage system.
  • Badge achievement message could be glitched out by Item Bag close function.
  • Badge overlap issue with dialogue text.
  • Attack icon cooldowns improperly set if attack fails to activate.
  • Item icons overlapping the selector reticle.
  • More accurate and scalable damage formula for attacks.
  • Improved error handling when server connection can’t be established.
  • Testing a new detection method for most collisions that is 3x more efficient.
  • Guard damage rates reduced, making shields last longer.
  • Café menu code is much more efficient.
  • Café menu updated.
  • Tutorial text updated for new mechanic.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Code cleanup.
Character Changes
  • Champ’s「Mole Totem」moles not dealing damage correctly.
  • KeRobo
    • 「Full Boom」sends incorrect value to server.
    • Gatling gun has improved sound effects.
  • All Characters attack damages have been completely changed for new damage system. Check the wiki for the updated values.
  • Luck Monkey
    • 「Tricky Script」now accelerates smilies instead of guarding to help Luck Monkey take less damage. Forcing LM to stay in guard only hampered his performance as a close range fighter. Accelerated smilies also shrink in radius, so only use it when you know you’re safe.
    • Luck Monkey’s teleport starts up faster.
  • Müja
    • 「Alchemy: Flame」deals more damage than「Alchemy: Dancing Flame」variation. Both versions now get blue fire effect after obtaining just 1 Ember extract.
    • 「Alchemy: Lightning」deals more damage than「Alchemy: Chain Lightning」variation. Chain Lighting’s bolt deals more damage to the first enemy in the chain.
Celestian Changes
  • Celestian HP has been adjusted overall.

Download  1.7.0