Added some new Halloween costumes for October. A few adjustments have also been made to some Celestian intelligence. This is only Phase 1 of Celestian improvements, so expect them to become more and more battle savvy.

For a complete list of changes, click the changelog box below.

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General Changes
  • Halloween 2017 Flavors for Champ, Doragon, Gloobin, KeRobo and Müja.
  • Snow speed has chance to stick at a certain speed.
  • Aeon’s snow and breezes are more natural.
  • Lost Desert area cacti graphic improvement.
  • Server now accepts both hallow20xx and halloween20xx Flavor codes.
  • Victory Café menu is now serving Pumpkin Cold Brew.
  • Small performance improvements to AI math.
Character Changes
  • Doragon’s Super Attack graphic incorrect for Halloween 2016 costume.
  • Müja’s shield effect spacing adjustment.
  • KeRobo’s Prime missiles bounce less (3 -> 2).
Celestian Changes
  • If their target is far away, Celestians will choose to chase down opponent.
  • Queltod chooses better attacks and approach options.
  • Queltod and Dipsy400’s max speed reduced.

Download 1.7.3