Some big bug fixes and performance improvements + improved drop rates for the Snowdrift event.


Collect Snowdrift crystals to create a rare Acolyte Beast Egg. Read more »

To: You  From: Earth2

Daily login rewards. Who knows what’s inside each Merry Gift? Read more »

Check the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Texture bug when another user changes from the same Character. (Thanks, Luna!)
  • Ability icon texture data not recycled when changing Character.
  • Ability icon texture added to texture count every frame when redrawing texture.
  • Snowdrift crystal spawn rate increased.
  • Improved code performance for effects/attacks that clone sprites.
  • Removed portal warning when leaving a portal while not in battle.
  • Changed some statistical game text.
  • Added more information to stats command.
  • Initialize alert menus to potentially prevent null error warnings.
Character Changes
  • N/A
Celestian Changes
  • Dipsy4000’s peck hitbox texture not recycled when changing areas.

Download 1.8.3