Made some big changes to the current event and introduced yet another. I also included some important bug fixes!

Pink Swarm

The Pink Bons are back! It’s your task to help eradicate these Beasts from the Dark Sea. Read more »

Secret Crush

Active players might receive some special “fan mail” when logging in.
More info coming soon »

Check the changelog below for a list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Secret Crush event.
  • Delicious truffles.
  • Celestians can sometimes spawn too low and clip into the ground. (Thanks Slycat, LunaDarimillion)
  • Acolyte Beasts hit all enemies they pass even when not attacking.
  • Virtual keys can prevent clicking on objects even when not visible.
  • Some remote user data not recycled.
  • Attack effects don’t properly overlap Beasts.
  • Incorrect sound effects play for some café items.
  • Incorrect badge rank text displayed for Guest users.
  • 1 year old bug causing random “null value” errors.
  • Love Letter item now gives random rewards.
  • Love Letter contains a variety of unique messages.
  • X-Bulletin reward pool changed.
  • Energy Tonic A1 can be used in place of Energy Tonics at the Dream Forge.
  • Acolyte Beasts that attack would try to attack but deal 0 damage – they will no longer attempt to attack if hungry.
  • More remote user objects have been moved to non-collision group to improve performance.
  • Improvements to how the server checks special Event quests. Creating Events will be easier now.
  • Set specific debug code not to run on release build.
  • Prevent sending chat messages while room is transitioning.
  • Minor texture tweaks to fix potential issues.
  • Improved server error detection.
  • Minor code clean-up.
  • Sound volume balancing.
  • Minor text changes.
Character Changes
  • Layering issue with Network Transfer (3rd attack rename).
  • KeRobo’s「Prickly Arm」
    • Cactus can despawn under when having previously touched a slope.
    • Cactus can’t get over slopes when traveling to a certain height (Thanks SRad).
    • Cactus spines don’t disppear when enemy dies.
    • Cactus legs 1px too high from ground.
    • Cactus is now a bit better at hitting the target.
  • Health bar more accurately displays current health.
  • Müja’s blue fireball now gives +1 Style on hit.
Celestian Changes
  • Bon and Pink Bons damage reduced (30 -> 20).
  • Attacks that quickly drain Character health deal damage slower (0.5s -> 0.6s)
Known Issues
  • Some effects still need to be updated to the new layering system.

Download 1.8.5