Lucky 7 Event is now live along with bug fixes and more improvements.

Lucky 7

The Gachapon has been fitted with the Lucky 7 chance system. Read more »

Check the changelog below for a list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Lucky 7 event.
  • Bug in SDK causes password input to allow input even after login. A workaround has been patched in.
  • Café menu updated for March.
  • Acolyte Beasts make use of the new layering system.
  • Improvements to login error handling.
  • Enter key confirms buying Gachpaon items (Thanks, Slycat)
  • Updated Gachapon sprite.
  • Small miscellaneous tweaks.
Character Changes
  • Müja
    • Flame alchemy attacks give more Style per hit (+1 -> +2).
    • Flask positioning adjustments.
Celestian Changes
  • N/A