It’s Aeon Rival’s 4th anniversary! We’re celebrating with a new update that includes party hats, a new Natural Gift for KeRobo, big performance improvements and cake!

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While delving into bug fixes for the previous Egg Quest event, I noticed a design problem with how event data and scoring is read in and cleared every month. I rewrote a portion of the code to help iron out issues. I’ve also made a few adjustments to gameplay in this release.

I was working with some GPU code and I implemented a couple of big performance boosters. You may even feel a difference in your FPS!

4th Anniversary

Players can now wear party hats with Flavor “Celebrate”. The Victory Cafe is also serving cake that gives some pretty useful stat boosts. More info »

Check the changelog below for a list of changes.

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General Changes
  • “Celebrate” Flavor.
  • Anniversary Cake Cafe item.
  • “Invisible wall” causing players to stop moving when traveling over slope edges. Score and event data code may read in old data (Thanks, mint).
  • Collecting eggs after leaving a battle may cause some eggs to become uncollectible. (Thanks, Slycat)
  • May not be able to pick up Golden Egg if quest has been completed.
  • Player would stop moving during Terror if chat was activated.
  • infoBot’s exit gateway message sometimes incorrect.
  • Players popped up into the air can
  • Tiling issue calling null tile to be drawn
  • Adjusted battle score formula to scale with Celestian’s max HP.
  • Beast health formula adjusted. Normal difficulty Beasts have slightly more health, while higher difficulty Beasts have much less sponginess.
  • Pretty big performance boosts!
  • infoBot won’t display New Event popup if user already has collected one or more event items. (Thanks, mint)
  • Golden eggs in Egg Quest are slightly more common.
  • “Dread” Mental State guard break reduction increased, stacks with Anniverssary cake effects.
  • New score update method, freeing up memory for server and client.
  • Some effects cleared on logout.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Minor object placement changes.
Character Changes
  • Champ’s Hallow 2017 costume miscoloring.
  • KeRobo has Natural GIft「Tailpo Command」which allows KeRobo to hand off partial control to the tailpo on its back.
  • Luck Monkey’s「Network Transfer」cooldown redcued (10s -> 9s)
  • Müja’s「Dulcet Chime」Prime can now clear the Terror Mental Status, Calming other players. (Thanks, Seedlings)
Celestian Changes
  • All Beast flinch thresholds raised.
  • Beast’s poison effect makes sound.