This update features a brand new leveling system and lots of bug fixes. More content will continue to roll out in the following weeks.

Battle Level

Players now have a Battle Level, which helps give an idea of how many battles they’ve fought. The level is displayed on a Level Tag, which displays next to the player’s name. Players can raise their level by helping out during battle via damage or helpful actions. Level can be raised in both solo and team battles. Increasing your level doesn’t power your Character up in any way, so just focus on having fun in battle!

Any veteran players who login before August 31st will receive a one-time experience boost based on their total wins.

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General Changes
  • Battle Level system. Players can level up by gaining battle experience.
  • Level Tag visible to other users.
  • Chun’s tutorial not letting players advance. (Thanks, numinex!)
  • Other players can complete training actions if multiple people are completing tutorial in same Dimension.
  • Victory Point total can desync in client.
  • Token total can desync in client.
  • Traveling Plant Salesman brings up VC menu.
  • Tutorial completion will initially show incorrect Item Bag contents.
  • Character Shrine menu can activate while in another dialogue.
  • Improved tutorial mode performance and help text.
  • Lock thread when evaluating a battle success to help prevent code running multiple times.
  • Changed username spacing and justification.
  • New users receive more tokens after completing tutorial.
  • Minor tweaks and improvements.
Character Changes
  • N/A
Celestian Changes
  • N/A