Lots and lots of bug fixes, along with an important data saving feature and a new costume for Müja. The new Area will be partially explorable in the next release! Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Safe save mechanic – if there’s an error saving user data, the server will continue to try until it succeeds. This prevents data rollbacks.
  • Login will fail if user’s tutorial state is blank.
  • Tutorial doesn’t flag completion immediately.
  • Client password not accepted if it contained certain characters.
  • Using a catalyst item can cause issues when failing to activate.
  • Data saving issue with specific server function.
  • Other user’s level text does not disappear immediately after defeat.
  • Dragging a blank item onto the quick use slot causes graphic errors.
  • Guest’s level respawns after defeat causing graphic error.
  • Some Acolyte Beast effects appear when inactive.
  • Reserving an Area diemnsions doesn’t update tokens server-side.
  • Server variable refactoring, now uses less memory for smoother operation.
  • Remote player spoof prevention for Acolyte Beast in battle.
  • Local settings force save on game exit.
  • Server saves data differently to reduce usage load.
Character Changes
Celestian Changes
  • Beasts always roam around and never stop to take a break.
  • Ruby Skorp’s idle less often, Deathtail Skorps idle more often.