We’ve finally hit version 2.0! This initial release will focus on making sure the new updater and rendering engine work well, with content updates rolling out in the following weeks. The game client is now offered in a 64-bit flavor, so I’d recommend using the 64-bit installer if your computer supports it. Upcoming releases will feature a Telepathic Plant Salesman, access to a new Area, and more!

There’s been a lot of other cool improvements, so be sure to check the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

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General Changes
  • 64-bit game client now available.
  • Updater and installer for Windows & macOS.
  • Game client will try to use DirectX11 on Windows 8 and up.
  • Beasts can become angry when attacked and will chase down their target.
  • Some player attacks can flinch and/or deal knockback damage to Beasts.
  • Attacks may activate too early during pixel perfect collision.
  • Message alert box error on Windows clients.
  • Damage prediction issue for Bon damage.
  • External Adobe AIR dependency removed.
  • Check to make sure Flavor doesn’t have null emitter.
  • Improvements to error reporting system.
  • Minor server and client performance improvements.
Character Changes
  • KeRobo attack values and attributes adjusted for new knockback system. Cactus Missile deals high knockback as it tears past Beasts. Raised hits per second, lowered damage pet hit.
  • Prickly Arm damage increased.
  • Muja’s flask now deals damage + small knockback to Beasts.
Celestian Changes
  • High damage stun mechanic changed.