This update includes new gameplay features from some Characters, player bonuses and other UX improvements.

Dynamic Slopes

These are a new type of floor slope that allow a player to enter from one side but not the other. The falling cactus in the Lost Desert has been converted to this type of slope to improve battle flow.

Old slopes could trap players and cause a world of hurt.


The dynamic slope version allows for players to use it as a ramp from one side without getting trapped from the other side.

These new slopes not only open up attack options but also makes life easier for Characters with poor jumping abilities, such as Luck Monkey. Try to see how you can use this new type of slope to your advantage!

Steamlined Dream Forge

When using the Forge, the fusion window will reopen after fusing two items. If the combination items still exist after fusion, they will remain in the queue ready for consecutive fusions. These two changes greatly increase the speed and ease of using the Dream Forge.

Active Player Bonus

This new feature rewards online players with +1 Token every 10 minutes. The longer you’re logged in, the more Tokens you’ll reap!

Click the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Active Player Bonus rewards online players with Tokens. (Thanks, Crinkem!)
  • Dynamic slopes improve battle flow.
  • Dream Forge is faster and easier to use.
  • Refactored how collidable objects interact with edges of Area boundaries. This fixes the screen edge in South Island and future proofs boundary issues. Please report any bugs you may find in the forums.
  • Increased Aeon Sign’s secret reward frequency.
  • Small performance improvements.
  • Changed some informational text.
Character Changes
  • KeRobo
    • Effect layering improvements for remote players.
    • Wandering Cactus is generally better at finding its mark.
  • Luck Monkey
    • 「Free Smilies」Style gain per hit increased 150%.
    • 「Network Transfer」cooldown time reduced 22%, grants instant invincibility during startup in addition to post-warp invincibility.
Celestian Changes
  • Dipsy4000 subspecies “peck” attack guard damaged reduced.