It’s the holiday season again and a few familiar events are taking place! Help the guild collect Snowdrift for a rare gift and login daily to receive special Merry Gifts. This release gives Luck Monkey a brand new secondary attack, helping with his overall toolkit and team value.


Collect Snowdrift crystals to create a rare Acolyte Beast Egg. Read more »

To: You  From: Earth2

Daily login rewards. Who knows what’s inside each Merry Gift? Read more »

Check the changelog below for a complete list of changes.

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General Changes
  • Major updates to Luck Monkey’s ability set and effects.
  • FIX] Character shields effects disappear for remote users even when held.
  • Gloobin and KeRobo are now unlocked form the start.
  • Various tweaks to “hit pause” mechanic for some attacks.
  • Beast stun time reduced for lowest type of stun.
  • Effect layering adjustments.
  • Updated Character stat texts.
  • Flavor text changes.
  • Multiple performance improvements.
Character Changes
  • Doragon’s「Eat」interferes with remote player cooldowns.
  • Muja’s alternate fireballs play incorrect sound on contact.
  • Luck Monkey
      • His technology has evolved further with the new secondary attack,「Execute Payload」which spreads malware to all Beasts in the area. Luck Monkey taps into their locomotive power to help deliver kinetic pop-up windows that damage anything they touch, slowing all affected beasts in the process. He will receive a slight cooldown reduction for each Beast he borrows kinetic energy from.
      • Smileys can be overloaded with Luck Monkey’s malware by using「Execute Payload」with a Virus extract to enhance its power. Duration of malware overload has been increased by nearly 2x, dealing 85 base damage. These dark smilies are somewhat skilled in detecting weakspots, with a +5% chance to deal a Elemental Burst hit.
      • 「CONGRATULATIONS!」has slightly less slide distance
      • Window effects now feature a smooth pop-up animation and extended fade + some extra polish to the frame.
      • Guard now uses new pop-up animation and prevents potential text-flipping issues.
    • General changes to help all of his mechanics cooperate with the new techniques.
Celestian Changes
  • [N/A]