Area Integrity

All Pocket Dimensions within each Area have their own Integrity – a rating of the health of the area. The more damage the Area takes without help, the worse off it becomes for its inhabitants.


Aeon Rivals now has an economic system that ties directly into the health of all worlds. The global economy will slowly rise if all Areas have a high Integrity ratings. Those who live there will flourish and be willing to donate Tokens to users who help keep their land safe. If Area ratings drop due to heavy damage taken, the economy will drop and there will be less money to circulate.

Check the changelog below for a complete list of updates.

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  • Area Integrity system.
  • World economy that affects token earnings.
  • Acolyte Beast “Kaching”.
  • Rewrite of code for joining an Area. Dimension info is only downloaded when requested, saving data resources. This was also necessary for planned new features.
  • Additional dialogue scripts that add to the lore of Aeon Rivals.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Many behind-the-scenes changes gearing up for mobile release.