It feels good to finally get such a large update pushed out! So many things have been updated in this release that it has been hard to keep track. This update marks a huge milestone and the start of a regular release cycle.

Check the changelog below for a complete list of updates.


  • Celestians are now created with a strange material – a flexible and powerful form of matter
  • KeRobo has a new ability that can be attached to other attacks
  • Character Mental State has been stabilized, no longer susceptible to fluctuations
  • Staying Power health system – Characters have varying max health values
  • Guard Class rating for each Character – determines total damage is blocked when guarding
  • Café buffs not resetting when in gateways with custom time limits
  • Damage per second/minute text display issue
  • UI changes to main HUD
  • Celestian health and damage no longer scale with difficulty
  • Special effects changed for most Café items and some inventory items
  • Air drag system
  • Guard can be used in air
  • Guard can no longer be broken
  • All Characters have unified stun system when hurt
  • Deathtail Skorps no longer OHKO
  • Users can now see heal / damage values of team members
  • Healing abilities reworked to allow extra attack effects
  • Gloobin can charge Bubble Bomber when not Prime
  • Müja’s Dulcet Chime gives party members +1Sync and clears minds of Beasts
  • Rework “held key” attack system for flexibility and performance
  • Improved netcode
  • Chun training dialogue updates
  • Difficulty levels tied to the Containment Field power settings
  • Reduced quake when taking damage and removed red screen flash
  • Lots and lots of other minor tweaks and performance improvements